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Film - Four Seasons
Singer Songwriter, Indie Rock
Supervisor needs reflective and emotional Singer Songwriter songs for an upcoming film placement. Themes can be the changing nature of romance, relationships, family.
Deadline: July 01, 2018

Space Center
Ambient, Space
Producer needs a variety of Ambient space cues for an upcoming planetarium promotion. Tracks should capture feelings of exploration, deep space, tranquility, etc.
Deadline: June 07, 2018

TV - Confessions
Producer is looking for a variety of Country songs for upcoming placement opportunities. Songs can be about love, family, missing someone, relationships, etc.
Deadline: June 28, 2018

TV - Empire
Hip Hop, R&B
Music Supervisor is looking for a variety of Hip Hop songs for upcoming series placements. Songs about romance, money, attitude, relationship struggles, drive, etc.
Deadline: June 03, 2018

TV - Holding On
Singer Songwriter, Indie
Music Supervisor needs moody and romantic songs about love, relationships, personal struggles for an upcoming film placement. Open to Singer Songwriter, Indie rock.</d...<>
Deadline: May 31, 2018

Producer needs Cinematic tracks for an upcoming gaming placement. Music should have a minimalistic or atmospheric quality that captures a desolate, stark setting.
Deadline: June 06, 2018

Film - The Café
Classical, Piano Instrumentals
Music Supervisor is looking for romantic Classical instrumentals for an upcoming film placement. Music should be beautiful, elegant and expressive.
Deadline: May 31, 2018

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TV - Rainy Days



TV - Lost & Found

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