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How to unclutter your LIFE if you own a Business to make money more in less than the time it takes now

  • When you open email decide to either copy and save to a Word Document or Delete.
  • Make a daily task list the day before that way you already have what you plan to do on an hourly basis.
  • Request that Clients make an appointment to speak via phone but offer them quick service via text or email that way their questions will not interfere with your daily tasks.
  • Attend Events and/or Conferences that will help you either make more money or save more time doing what you are already doing otherwise it is not worth the time or effort.
  • Avoid difficult Clients by not allowing them to become Clients. Difficult Clients are usually already frustrated with other service providers by the time they connect with you so no matter what you do or how little you charge them for your services, they will never be happy.
  • Set your working hours and stick to that schedule for example if you say your hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Central do not answer the phone at 4:35 pm remember Clients need an appointment to visit the office or call otherwise they text or email.
  • Never name drop just to get the Client, those types of Clients will expect the same results as the Client you used to obtain their business and when they do not receive the exact accomplishments they will become unhappy.
  • All Social Media links should be promoted via your Official Website. WHY? Because Social Media pages get hacked a lot and you might have to start over with a brand new page and if that is the only way Clients contact you, they might think you are no longer in business.
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