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Trump In Hood by Tommy WordSmith

Tommy WordSmith, AKA Greg Walker was born in Dallas, and joined the Navy shortly after high school, after successful enlistment, he went to Alaska and worked as a commercial fisherman (Deadliest Catch), and then worked in the I.T. field and won an Award for his worked during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita from the City of Houston. He worked diligently on his skills as a songwriter and screenwriter in his spare time.

In the Navy he was highly trained in data communications and computers, working with top secrets and classified information and also trained in anti-terrorism, bomb threat, first aid, and fire rescue team. He is a marksman with both gun and rifle. He is quiet, well-spoken and have exceptional social intelligence and love to interact with people of a cultures and nationalities.

Tommy WordSmith - "Trump In Hood" (Album)
Contact: Gregory Walker - gwalker2061@yahoo.com (206) 384-8281, www.tommywordsmith.com
This Album plays 1000's of times on Jango.com and has attracted over 400 loyal fans, it makes light and humorous fun of Donald Trump.


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