Article Title: No Sales Pitch Please

Ask yourself: "Does my article title attempt to sell something other than information?"
  1. Your article title should never be a sales pitch for your website, your product, your company or even you. Your expertise in the delivery of information on your topic will "sell" you to the reader. Save the sales pitch for your Resource Box.
  2. The Article Body is where you GIVE; The Resource Box is where you TAKE. Thou shall never TAKE in the Article Title.
  3. Your objective is to create a relationship of trust and credibility with your readership. You will not get the opportunity to sell to your reader until they know, like and trust you.
  4. In your article title, you are trying to sell your reader on the benefits they will receive if they continue reading your article. Put your creative sales focus on selling your reader the benefits of the information in your article, not your business.

The next edition of the Article Writing and Marketing: Article Title Training Series offers suggestions for proper article title length. 

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