Flint, MI, is getting back to business with "Forged In Flint" Film news by Square, Inc @Square


Flint went from boom to bust, and then to water crisis. While some people left for greener pastures, others decided to stay and make their own pastures greener. To celebrate National Small Business Week, our short film covers some of the people and businesses turning the tide in Flint.

Flint is far from hopeless. It’s mounting a comeback because after decades of hoping for a silver bullet from a large corporation or the government, people here have decided to start making the future they want to see. And it’s working. Today, 81% of businesses in Flint have fewer than 10 employees. Sales at small businesses using Square in Flint have increased 250%.
The entrepreneurs could have left town for greener pastures but instead, they are making their own pastures a little greener. It’s not the easy route, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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