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Spotify Removed My Album Because of Seemingly Fake Streams

We’re in a fast food society where people’s attention spans are shorter than ever.  You can’t just release an album every three years and expect your fans will stay engaged with you when other musicians are feeding them content on a daily basis.
It’s best to have a constant stream of content to satiate your fans.  That content could be songs, videos, photos, Snaps, tweets, emails, texts, shows and live streams.  A combination of them all is typical — utilizing the social platforms where your fans exist.
I’ve been in a weird place in my career lately.  And the main reason why I haven’t released music under my own name in two years is because, well, for one I was hired to write a 450 page book — which took over a year to write.  And then I spent a year promoting it.  But moreover it’s because I’ve been in and out of the studio the past two years working on a brand new funk project set to be released at the start of 2018.

Spotify Removed My Album Because Of Seemingly Fake Streams: Sure enough, within a few days I noticed the song had been added to a fairly popular user generated playlist (of about 50,000 followers).

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