Today's Big Story in Houston - Threat This Weekend in Southeast Texas via Houston Press

 | MAY 8, 2019 | 4:00AM

Tuesday's rains, which were particularly heavy southwest and northeast of Houston, are just the start of an extremely wet end of the week. Our city's weather pattern, which included something called a capping inversion that acted a bit like a giant umbrella for the area, has changed allowing Gulf moisture to come flowing in. On Tuesday, that translated to isolated pockets of up to 5 inches of rainfall, particularly northeast of town near Kingwood.
As bad as it was, plenty of areas from downtown to west of the city saw only a trace to about a quarter inch. In a region that covers as much area as we do, these are exactly the kind of unpredictable conditions we can expect. The National Weather Service has been calling for between 2 and 4 inches across the entire region with isolated totals between 7 and 10 inches between now and Sunday. Given what we saw on Tuesday, that seems appropriate, maybe even conservative depending on where you live.

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