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Public Relations and Media: PR Strategies for the Digital Age by Mathew Knowles #Author

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The field of public relations is as old as media itself, and yet thanks to technology, it has changed and continues to evolve with the times. From the ease with which people and news travels, to how journalists and the public interact; PR is now a business of its own. Public relations and media are now dramatically enhanced with the evolution of the Internet and multiple digital platforms. What used to be standard press releases, press conferences, and information spread via journalists, newspapers, and TV; is now a matter of the right social media and digital distribution. This book offers anyone, whether a newcomer to the field of PR and media, or a seasoned pro, a step-by-step walk through the best strategies for your own PR. Music Executive, Mathew Knowles offers years of marketing savvy folded into easy to use tips and practices. His lessons both educate and establish the reader via the tools presented in each chapter. Anyone looking to know the ins and outs of how to better publicize their ventures in today's market will find here a comprehensive but bite-sized manual of pure Knowles marketing genius.

The proliferation of social media and common use of tools such as mobile devices mean that messages can be released from a company and “go viral” almost instantly. One of the challenges for public relations is that the goal is to create a very well-crafted message before it gets out among the public, but to do that can be very difficult. 

Not that long ago, when newspapers gave us most of the news we needed, the paper could print a story and then later print a retraction. These days, things are very different. News gets carried by social media at a rapid pace, and in so many directions, that a retraction may go nowhere at all, while the original story – albeit erroneous – goes as far as it can. If someone within the company learns something new, they can literally share it with all their friends in mere moments. As a result, it becomes even more important that we spread news that is worthy of being shared and sends the message that we intended. 

Naturally, many companies do a really good job with their public relations. They have dedicated communicators on staff who understand their own jobs and who create a message that reflects the organization’s brand and mission. They will also carefully craft a message that can be effectively and efficiently released through social media and be picked up virally while spreading the image of the company that they want to share.

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