Men from all Ethnic Groups can use Zaddy’s Beards

Kim Duplessis, owner and CEO of Zaddy’s Beards. I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and currently reside in Texas. Kim is a single mother of 2 of the world’s most handsome boys! Kim decided to start Zaddy’s Beards because she was always attracted to a man with a beard if it was neatly groomed and smelled good.

Kim spoke with LHMPR Radio Podcast Host Yvonne Wilcox and told her that she loves to pamper herself and she thinks it is important for men to pamper themselves too, but they need quality products to do so. Kim's goal is to educate bearded men on the proper grooming of their beards while maintaining healthy beards.

Zaddy's Beards Motto - "Behind every Bearded Zaddy, should be a Queen helping him maintain his throne. That’s where my company comes in."



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