Black Rain Performed by: Stephie


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Release date: 01/5/2020

Artist bio:

Stephie Joanna Victomé, known professionally as Stephie, is a Haitian-American independent singer-songwriter based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Born March 5, 1998, Stephie discovered her passion for music at the age of seven when she joined her elementary’s school choir. Shortly after, she began creating music of her own and at one point performed locally around Palm Beach County with her sister, Sterling.

Stephie made the decision to pursue music professionally in late 2018, releasing her first pair of singles, “Underestimate” and “Love this Love” in April of 2019. Both singles were both well received by the general public and landed her a couple of interviews with Ania Holland for Medium, as well as Anthony Hall for GCFX Global Radio.

In the process of working on her newly released EP “Stay for a While”, Stephie collaborated with local engineers and artists such as Jefeth Frankson, known professionally as J Sharp, and Jacksonville, FL rapper Kale. Inspired by an emotional experience, the project is smooth, soulful, and jazzy while displaying the despair and passion she felt during the time leading up to the writing of the tracks.




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