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We Won't See You Around Performed by: Bad Rat?

Song links:
http://badratstudios.com/work/badrat | http://instagram.com/badratband | http://twitter.com/badratband | http://facebook.com/badratband | http://badratband.tumblr.com

Artist bio:
Bad Rat? is a band formed in Bennington, VT and now living in Southampton, MA. We make music across genres, with our primary focuses on indie rock and post-punk. However, we also dive into indietronica, alt rock, and some darkwave. We decided to form a band after driving through a snowstorm to see our favorite band in concert, because we realized our commitment to music and dedication to creating was too great not to be put to use. Since then, we've put out six albums, with "it's just the house settling" making seven.

Our albums have had many themes, but the overarching theme is fear. Fear of growing up, of the future, of the past, of death, and of life. Location is another factor in the work we put out. "Ryan, Acoustic" was written in a rustic, small cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin. "The Frog House" was written in a tiny dorm room in small town Vermont. "it's just the house settling" was recorded in our new house, a four bedroom in Western Massachusetts. Each place we've lived has provided inspiration for different themes and sounds.

Bad Rat? invites listeners to think about what is around them and find hope in every place they go, no matter how dark. As we write in the unreleased song "Evelyn," "all the bad days that she wallowed in may finally come to an end."


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