Breaking Boundaries! With Wendy Halo @Halo_Wendy


I Just wanted let you all know that Wendy Halo has  New music coming out soon be sure to follow for updates  on Spotify .

As a musician, Wendy Halo does not only create music – she breaks boundaries. The defining characteristic of anything produced by Wendy is that there is no one distinct genre that her music can be pinned down to. Rather, she marches to the beat of her own unique drum, and the beat consists of a vibrant mix of different genres from funk rock to soul and pop. The overarching theme of her work is “crossing over”, that is, experimenting with sounds beyond the boundaries. Her distinct style and unique yet sophisticated take on music has led her to be number one globally on Reverbnation charts  in March 2020. She remained top of the Spanish charts nationally for a solid six months on Reverbnation. Her music received airplay on Marbella TV with Nicole King. 




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