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Oasis (Fountain of Life) Performed by: John Goebel

Release date: 10/24/2020

Artist bio:
John Goebel was born in Greenville, SC. He grew up in Joliet, Illinois. He is an independent artist. After serving in the military, he struggled with mental illness while drifting back and forth to different cities across the United States. Now his lifestyle includes meditation and mindfulness as a discipline that is part of every daily activity. John Goebel has been hesitant to believe in a hopeful future. He has deeply identified with bands to include The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, Dave Matthews Band, and Bright Eyes. His music contains wide open places where past relatives and fears have previously been. His personal journey has led him to a place where there is infinite potential for life experienced in what he believes to be the most real of experiences, which he also claims to be inevitably good. In the past 10 years, he has spent the most time living in Seattle, WA.


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