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Time is Money: Appreciating the Costs of Vacancies - Evictions and Foreclosures

Vacancies mean lost income, and in many cases, the costs of vacancies are higher than landlords realize. While some vacancies are inevitable, landlords should work to create systems and processes that minimize vacancies and maximize rental income. Read more to get some practical tips for doing this. Time is Money: Appreciating the Costs of Vacancies

Improvements can be a great way to attract and retain quality tenants while also increasing property value and reducing maintenance costs. That said, improvements can also eat away at landlords’ annual return. To avoid this issue, landlords should pass on the costs of improvements through increased rent. Passing on the Costs of Rental Improvements

While it can be tempting to overlook preventative maintenance, in the long run staying on top of maintenance helps landlords save money and time. Read on for a preventative maintenance checklist and for tips on how to minimize the risks of emergency repairs and major issues with your rental property. Preventative Maintenance Checklist

This is the video you will want to share with every tenant at move in!


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