God Where Did You Go? I Did Not Leave You, For You Left Me! by James D. Moore

Publisher Description

When Christians are defeated by sin, they feel lost and hopeless and unworthy, just like Samson when he fell to Delilah. When we play in the graveyard of sin, we open the door of condemnation! What happens when condemnation comes knocking at the door of your heart? Do you scream, saying, “God, where did you go?” Just ask David, because Nathan the Prophet came to him after he was with Bathsheba. Listen, God knows! God knows exactly where you are, and he knows how to reach you. There was no place that David could hide (Psalm 139). This book is a warning to some and a time of restoration to others. My prayer is that we get back to the place where God can use us like he did Samson the second time! Right now, God’s grace is coming to your rescue, and he is bringing mercy with him.

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