Heard the big news? Slacker @SlackerRadio is becoming LiveXLive @LiveXLive Powered By Slacker!

EXCITING NEWS! In case you missed it, Slacker Radio is joining forces with LiveXLive to become the world’s first and only music platform with live and recorded music delivered to you in both audio and video. Check out our new and improved features:

• Sleek, simplified design
• Easier access to your favorites
• More personalized picks just for you
• Watch tons of live festivals & events
• New & exclusive original shows
• The same music you love
Sign up now for an entire year of Slacker Plus for $9.99! Get personalized radio with no ads, unlimited skips, the ability to create custom stations, and highly curated programming on hundreds of stations in all genres--all for just $9.99, a savings of almost 80%! This will only be available for a short time, and we may NEVER offer a deal this good again.


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