BMI Recording Artist, Singer and Songwriter Stan Smoove

in his own words

I entered into the entertainment business back in the 1990's, playing Comedy Clubs in and around Philadelphia. I met Mr. Doug Payne, of Phase 5 Productions, who asked him to do a 12" record with a Comic Rap song on one side and my Comedy on the other. One side had the new Rap Song called "Beam Me Up To The Party Planet" (which can still be found streaming on You Tube); and, the other side had my Comedy Act shot live in front of an audience. From that moment on I was hooked into Rap Music. I just fell in love with Rimes. So, I left comedy and started Rapping. My second song was called "Frosty Freeze",  written by one of the writers from Doug Payne's Production company. It did OK, but the song was way ahead of its time and we needed a B side of the 12". In 3 hours, we wrote an instrumental called " Lets Do It", which made it on Make it or Break it on Power 99. Lady B's Show then asked us to put lyrics to "Lets Do It" which went on to become #1 for 6 weeks on the West Coast. My next song  "Jump Sexy", went on to be picked up by Sutra Records in New York and sold thousands of copies across the USA. At this point, I left the music business for about 8 years, but I still had love for Rimes. I came back and wrote a song called "My Whip", and that got me started again. We did a Video (still streaming on You Tube) about my car which in Rap terms means "Whip". Then I wrote a song called "Feeling Like A Winner", also with a Video. To date we have received over 105,000 views on You Tube and still streaming. The Video is about Stan Smoove going back in time 100 years, rocking the mike and giving people winning lottery numbers that have 'Hit the most'. This year I wanted to do R&B music; so, my music engineer and I came up with a Latin Style beat with summertime lyrics called: "Summertime n Winter". On December 12, 2019 the song will be on You Tube for all your listening pleasure.  Thanks, and Happy Holidays to all and May God bless all of you in the coming Years.



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