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Our playlists are designed to help the artist build their brand and earn money with that being said, we help you Advertise in Podcast Shows, other Businesses' Commercial Videos, Market, Advertise and Promote via a Press Release and Blog post for only $90 that covers 3 months. If interested you can pay via Cash App$LHMPRRADIO/90 or PayPal Me then eMail Links, Biography and Pictures to

About YWPN Network News and LHMPR Radio - IMDb Contributor to Publish information about Independent Internet Movies, AudioBooks, eBooks, Music, Podcasts, Press Releases, Videos and a Google Local Map Contributor. Also Podcasting Shows on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcast, Castbox FM, Deezer and Podcast Addict.

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After you have made the $90 payment please Record your Audio Advertisement by calling 424-260-3609 and leave a message on Voicemail in the form of an Audio Advertisement - Say your Business Name or your Name, Your Current Project, Any Future Projects also where your Product, Service or Music is for Sale and/or Streaming Sites.

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