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The Journey Back from Domestic Violence Internet TV Talk Show

The Journey back doesn't have to be a lonely one, learn to open up and talk to someone before it is too late.
"Stop Domestic Violence by Saving One Victim at a Time”
— Yvonne Wilcox
HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- There are many facts about Domestic Violence that are never publicized like a lot of Domestic Violence crimes are not reported. Domestic Violence is not only a man abusing a woman sometimes men are victims of Domestic Violence along with member of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Community.
Sometimes Domestic Violence is the cause of homelessness among Women and Children as they flee their homes to seek help from Shelters and other Organizations. Some boys who grow up in a Domestic Violence household are more likely to become abusive to their companions and their children.
It is important to recognize the signs of Domestic Violence before it goes from verbal abuse to physical abuse. Domestic Violence usually start with verbal abuse sometimes threatening to hurt their partner, then the hitting, punching, kicking, choking or pushing follows. Abusive partners sometimes criticize and blame their partners for everything that is wrong or things that goes wrong. An abusive partner will sometimes try to humiliate their partner in public, control access to money, keep their partner away from family and/or friends.
The Journey Back from Domestic Violence will give Female and Male victims a chance to voice their thoughts, opinions and maybe provide a way to help others escape their current situation. The Executive Producer, Yvonne Wilcox and the Producer, Erica Roberts has experienced Domestic Violence firsthand and they also want to share their personal experiences.
Executive Producer, Yvonne Wilcox, has always had to deal with the myth that most people who remain in Domestic Violence situations has low self-esteem or they are uneducated even unskilled, so they would not be able to leave and provide for themselves. The myth is not true, most of the time the victim hopes the abuse stops and they can live a normal life in a healthy relationship but that rarely happens.
The Internet TV Talk Show also want to allow Men talk about their experiences as sometimes we forget that men are victims of Domestic Violence but are afraid to speak out because they sometimes think that is a sign of weakness.

The Journey Back from Domestic will also have Public Speakers from Organizations that helps Victims of Domestic Violence by offering Counseling and Special Programs. If you are a Survivor of Domestic Violence or you work in an Organization that helps Survivors and you want to be a Guest Speaker email Erica@AuthorEricaRoberts.com and Director@YvonneWilcoxPenNameTV.com to schedule a day and time.
The new Internet TV Talk Show will air on YouTube via Vydia, Inc. The first show will air March 6th at 6pm Central Time for the Audio Version and the Video Version at 8pm Central Time with Adrianne Winfrey, Founder of Arin’s Nest Mission LLC who will speak about The Signs of Domestic Violence and The Difference Types of Domestic Violence like Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Emotional Abuse. The second show will air March 13th at 6pm Central Time for the Audio Version and the Video Version at 8pm Central Time with Kym D, Founder of Quality Day Foundation. Please dial 563-999-1655 to listen LIVE and/or Join in on the Conversation. Visit www.YvonneWilcoxPenNameTV.com to watch the Talk Show.
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The Journey Back From Domestic Violence Internet TV Talk Show

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