An App a Day Keeps the COVID Away - Morning Brew says "There's an app for that"

If you’re tired of WebMD giving you the runaround, Apple yesterday launched a website and app dedicated to COVID-19 screening in collaboration with FEMA, the CDC, and the White House.
It’s no substitute for a cotton swab up your nose, but Apple’s new program quizzes you on your symptoms and recent travel to let you know when (or if) you should seek medical care or COVID-19 testing. It can’t guarantee you’ll get one of the high-demand, low-supply tests, though—only an NBA contract can do that. 
Apple’s app joins a growing list of tech products aimed at informing you about the coronavirus.
  • A research app in the U.K. dedicated to collecting data on COVID-19 for medical professionals racked up 750,000 downloads from Tuesday to Thursday.
  • Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa and Alphabet's Verily unit can help answer COVID-19 questions.
Big picture: The tech community has mobilized in a big way during this crisis. Apple is also donating 10 million face masks across the U.S. and Europe. 





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