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Everything is UNDERSTOCKED these days even Grocery Store Shelves along with the Stock Market

  • Jobs: The number of Americans filing for state unemployment benefits jumped by 70,000 this week as businesses started to lay off workers. Next week’s report is expected to be much, much worse.
  • Energy: Oil had its best day on record as President Trump said the U.S. might get in the middle of the Saudi/Russian price war that’s crushing oil prices.
  • Stimulus: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released a proposal to send $1,200 checks to individuals and $2,400 to couples.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare systems all over the world are facing a severe shortage of ventilators.
  • Ventilators are machines that help people get oxygen into their lungs. Because COVID-19 can cause lung inflammation, or pneumonia, ventilators are essential tools for treating patients who are severely ill.

The U.S. especially is sorely understocked. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday his state will need 37,000 ventilator-attached ICU hospital beds. It has 3,000. 
In a matter of weeks, video conferencing app Zoom became a household name. But there’s a couple of other workplace communication companies that want you to remember they’re still here. 
Yesterday, Microsoft Teams reported a whopping 44 million daily active users—more than double November’s 20 million and up 12 million from last week. 
  • Microsoft is hoping upcoming video conferencing features like noise suppression, a “raise hand” tool, and the ability to break into side convos will distract users from Monday’s outage, when European users logged on en masse. 
Since launching in 2016, Teams has competed bitterly with Slack (finally passing it in users last summer). Yesterday, Slack launched its biggest redesign ever, providing easier customization and navigation.  
  • Coronavirus is a double-sided coin. Slack's paying customers are up 7,000 since the start of February—40% more than typical quarterly growth. But the company could shed 5,000 customers in the next sixth months as companies start to fold.
Looking ahead..an analyst with research firm IDC told the FT the pandemic may have accelerated the communications and collaboration market by seven years.


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