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Git Wit It by Stan Smoove @arringtonstan #WearMasks #WearGloves #StayHomeWithMe

Yvonne Wilcox: Stan what inspired you to do the "Git Wit It" Project?

Stan Smoove: What inspired me to do the song are these elements: Reaching the top, living a better life and that comes from hard work, determination and trying to be the best you can be at whatever you are doing. If you get knocked down one, two or three times don't give up, with each time you get knocked down you learn something that would help you the next time around and other times you get knocked down, until that special moment happens and then when you break that door down you will know that you have for fulfilled your Success or Dream that is what the song "GIT WIT IT" is saying, even if you fall asleep and wake up way behind whatever you wanted to accomplish, I want my Brothers and Sisters to know that we were all created by the creator (GOD) and we all have that innate ability to get back into the game of success. (PEACE) 

Important Message from Stan Smoove: Please Brothers and Sisters across the World, be smart don't die, wear a mask, if you can't afford one, make it yourself from cotton scarves, T-Shirts or a Handkerchief and put a little Vaseline Inside the mask, this will block most pathogens from coming through while you are breathing. Vicks VapoRub works best with people that have respiratory problems.


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