Wealth, Health and Success by Daryl Omar

About Daryl Omar

Daryl Omar is an up and coming author from Maplewood, New Jersey. He writes fantasy and fiction coursing through action-adventure and romance. His prominent works include Bumaye, New Girl and Best-friends. What we have the greatest resistance to becomes our field of diamonds. So, despite telling his friends he doesn't want to write about relationships, he uses his great depth and perspective to write illustrious love stories.

He utilizes fantasy and action to pull together very well-rounded stories able to attract all backgrounds and readers. Wanting to take readers on a full journey from opening the cover to finishing the books through character first perspective. The romantic elements are a humanizing touch to bring almighty characters such as Morgan Ellys to ground-level, or to explore social taboos and issues of morality. A lover of philosophy, psychology, and politics, the writing catches the smartest readers and those seeking pleasure reads to add to their list.

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