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The Legion Performed by: Griegz

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Release date: 09/4/2020

Artist bio:
Griegz is a music producer from country South Australia, heavily influenced by the sounds of producers Ronny J, Mustard and Murda Beatz.

At the age of 5, Griegz started drum lessons and was the drummer in many bands throughout his schooling. These bands covered genres ranging from jazz and blues, through to punk rock and metal. Living in the country, keeping bands together became challenging once entering the workforce with members moving on for work. The next best option for Griegz was to start tinkering around with different samples and creating beats on various digital audio workstations.

When not in the studio, you'll find Griegz behind the decks at nightclubs, events or private functions sharing his passion for music with the people on the dance floor. Griegz has come to appreciate all styles of music and has found music to be his escape. He has met and had the privilege of working with many big names in the industry and had songs played on radio in both the United States and Australia. Music is a gift Griegz gets to appreciate everyday and gives his life it's true purpose.


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