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Chains From Apollo Performed by: Jonni Apollo

Song links:
www.jonniapollo.com | www.facebook.com/jonniapollo | www.instagram.com/jonniapollo | www.twitter.com/jonniapollo | www.soundcloud.com/jonni-apollo | https://open.spotify.com/artist/7syZARBz37shl0SalEmlI0

Release date: 07/4/2020

Artist bio:
Hailing from the greater LA area, the Latin-American artist delivers the perfect harmony between hard-hitting flows and deep lyrics. Growing up, Jonni Apollo was exposed to various kinds of music, but hip-hop struck him the most. Since then, he has worked hard to become a game changer in the industry, bringing his interestingly profound stories up his sleeves. Jonni tells a story through hip-hop like no other artist in the industry has done.

Jonni Apollo is best known for capturing audiences’ attention either through high-speed rapping or singing to bass-heavy tones. Although, despite how fast Jonni is landing his tracks, the message remains unmistakably deep. It carries so many emotions that the listeners will not miss even a single part of his story.

The rapper anchors his lyrics on the trials and circumstances he went through. Growing up, Jonni Apollo had to tackle troubles and depression. Today, he often contemplates whether or not he will become a successful artist in the industry or end up in a corporate job instead. But instead of allowing his past to get better, Jonni transformed how he felt into irresistible rap music.

Unlike other artists, Jonni Apollo stays on top of his game by paying attention and care to every little detail. He puts his sound and unique twists to every track, proving that Jonni profoundly cares about music in its entirety. He believes that as he produces his music, he respects the industry and the art form itself. Jonni delivers a uniqueness and still satisfies what music lovers are looking for: lyrical content and originality.

Jonni Apollo is the first and only artist in the entire music industry to have an album named Alysídes Apó Ton Apóllona. The name translates to Chains from Apollo, which reflects the series of original tracks on his album. Also, 99% of the names of his songs in the album are original, and they have not been used elsewhere. Jonni proves not only his authenticity but also his undeniable creativity. The name of an album alone is as important as the songs it contains because it can genuinely separate an artist from the rest of the pack.

The rapper creates what he refers to as “strange music” because his songs are unparalleled to anything that’s ever been produced. His songs are distinct, which means that Jonni Apollo has single-handedly established his category in music. Recently, Jonni started his own label, CFA Records (Chains from Apollo Records).

Jonni Apollo’s music has a particular way of making people connect with him. The rapper banks on the emotions that are common to any listener such as loss, uncertainty, and hopelessness. Even when his story tells about his difficulties, Jonni still provides a light at the end of a tunnel. His music ignites a fire that Jonni believes lies within everyone. The rapper simply fuels that fire and turns it into a raging flame, ready to take on the world.


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