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Wendy Halo @Halo_Wendy has a New Video Coming Soon!!!


When you are raised from a long line of gospel singers, the calling to create your own music speaks loudly to your soul, and for the international pop artist Wendy Halo, that undeniable calling forced her to leave a successful and stressful corporate management position in Central London for the beauty of Marbella Spain and the fulfilling destiny of creating new music to share with the world.

Not one to draw from a single pool of creative inspiration, Wendy Halo’s diverse outlook towards the music writing process can be clearly heard in the many layers that make up her inspired songs. As the cold corporate world faded for Wendy, a warmer experience was to be found in Spain, and it is here that the beautiful Wendy Halo had found herself diving deeper and exploring further into the styles of jazz, funk, R&B, opera and pop music, all of which can be heard in the music that she creates.

Upon releasing her latest highly praised new single ‘High Life,’ Wendy wasted no time in making sure that her mission statement as an artist was heard loud and clear; that she would continue to create music from an authentic place, and perform those songs live to grateful audiences across the globe; without compromise.

‘High Life,’ avoids the common shallow pitfalls that can be found in the pop genre today by crafting together a host of different genres and creating a fusion of new sound aimed to inspire listeners to dance, sing, and ultimately leave them feeling spiritually free. ‘High Life,’ was written through the eyes of Wendy’s partner as a way to try and capture her indomitable spirit that forever refuses to accept less than the best; a great and successful accomplishment for the exotic and optimistic woman known as the ‘Show Stopper’ locally for her ability to electrify large crowds with her passionate vocals and powerful stage presence.

Currently, Wendy is hard at work on bringing together the final touches on her latest EP that shares the same name as her single and will be released later in 2020.

For more on Wendy Halo, she can be found on her official website and her dedicated music site, while ‘High Life,’ can be found across most major streaming services like YouTube and Spotify available on all major download platforms streams iTunes Apple store Deezer


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