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Album: Hoodmade Vol1 by Spit Hard Family Inc

Spit Hard Family Inc, is a Independent Record label/Rap group made up of four Rappers and one singer base out of Pittsburgh, Pa It all started when the group form in 2006 and drop their first mixtape on datpif.com called The New Beginning when it became a local hit that got that the group to open up for multiple Major Artist like Elephant Man, Sheek and Gucci Man to name a few but while the group was getting Hot on the Streets they were also getting hot with the Police, in late 2008, the group got in trouble with law enforcement and had to brake up the group while many of the  artist had to go do their time But now with most of the Artist home the group turn into a Independent record label now and ready to drop more projects  form back to the Rap group Spit Hard Fam Inc.


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