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Confessions Performed by: TJ Viola

Artist bio:
From an early age, Thomas John “TJ” Viola has been honing his craft as a musician, multi-Instrumentalist, Singer and Producer. Born and raised in the NJ/NY metropolitan area, TJ began his musical journey in his hometown of North Caldwell, New Jersey, beginning with piano at age eight and French horn at age twelve. Since then, he has mastered various wind, brass, strings and percussion instruments and has begun exploring composition and recording, utilizing the programs Finale and Logic Pro X for composing and recording respectively. With the help of his brother, John Baab, TJ grew well-versed in electronic producing by age fifteen. At the age of sixteen, with several colleagues, TJ started a record label called HyBreed Entertainment, which was active from 2018 to 2019. Soloistically, TJ has produced his own music, along with works featuring Isaji Riq, Nick Sylvestro, and Jack Cunningham. He has also been regularly performing an assortment of gigs since age thirteen, ranging from the NJ/NY area to as far as Hollywood, California on several instruments. He has also performed alongside groups such as the John Baab Trio, Isaji Riq Funk Band, The Working Titles, and the Jersey Jazz Collective. Along with being an active producer and studio musician, he currently studies with Michelle Baker at the Manhattan School of Music, pursuing a bachelor's degree in classical French horn.

-Nicole Hom


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