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Mayans Performed by: G G Maximum


Release date: 11/20/2020

Artist bio:
My real name is Sarah. Over the years, ever since I was 19, I’ve been involved in music as a vocalist mainly, but I did pick up the bass later in life. I could talk about all of my past experiences that are great but I do believe right now is what is important. All of the music that you hear has been written by myself and by myself only. I’ve learned to write beats, and put the entire song together. I am using a studio, but, due to my ear and demo qualities... plus my plan of learning from a pro, have made a decision to start my own production company. I’ve purchased all the gear, but I don’t know where I’m going with it yet. My goal is to make as much music as possible and to possibly sell it to other musicians. My style of music is just for me. I have performed jazz, disco, pop, rock, classical, country, R&B, gospel, alternative and many more genres that I can’t even think of right now oh ballads too so I can write whatever style one would like. I could even rival Disney :-) in fact I was Elsa the snow queen for a while to make some extra money. So, I’d like to reach out and record for other people so they can learn my songs. I am Dallas Fort Worth based. I see no problem working with others around the United States or even the world! I want a Grammy!


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