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Only G Performed by: Loïc Daniel Huber

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Loïc Daniel Huber is an upcoming musician, with a formal background in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. Within the first couple of years in University, music became a true passion for him. Loïc has a multicultural background, with his feet placed on both sides of the Atlantic (from Washington DC to Mallorca).

He admires all musical Genres. Guthrie Govan, Half Moon Run, Led Zeppelin, and Chance the Rapper are among a few of his favorite Bands/Artists.

With his primary musical interest being the guitar (progressive metal, fusion, blues metal), he practiced religiously, to the point of no return, and eventually had to start composing music. This 2020 CoVid crisis could not have been a better time in history for him to do so.

Although he has a self-taught background in technical guitar playing, his current album reflects a different story. With minimal equipment and only two acoustic guitars, Loïc has decided to compose very raw indie music. No ripping guitar solos and "fat" drum fills occupy the landscape of his current compositions.

He hopes you enjoy watching (and listening to) his progression through life as a musician.


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