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DJ 20/20 @DJ2020

DJ 20/20 Signed A Deal with His Cousin "Mc War-Flattop", Produced and Released a Titled "Ain't Nothing Happening Here feat. The Blunt Headz”, Which Became An Underground Hit and Then Signed to Big East Records and Released Various Underground Compositions, Including Re-Mastering KRS's Criminal Minded Album with Mr. Cyril Young. Today DJ 20/20 Is Still DJ'ing In Many Venues and Has Plenty of Newly Released Underground Music on All Platforms. The Latest Project Is Called "DA LO$T TAPEZ", Produced, Written and Performed by Himself at His Studio "Dexterz Lab Studios" In Far Rockaway Queens. DJ 20/20's Book Is in The New York Public Library and All Of His Works Can Be Seen At The New 'Universal Hip-Hop Museum" In The Bronx And Washington DC’s Hip-Hop Museum.





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