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Terrasolid Maps the World in 3D – 3D PluraView monitors visualize in Stereo

Schneider Digital is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of customized hardware solutions for graphics-intensive computer applications and offers complete workplace solutions for the calculation and visualization of large data sets to professional users in the areas of GIS and photogrammetry. The powerful performance of Schneider Digital workstations, in combination with innovative high-end displays, have ensured fast and precise workflows in geospatial applications for over 25 years. 

Any 3D modeling workflow, no matter how complex, turns into an impressive presentation and a remarkable, high-resolution working model on a 3D PluraView monitor. Together with the high-end displays from Schneider Digital, professional users of the high-performance Terrasolid software suite get a complete package that is fine-tuned at the highest level. Measuring, capturing, analyzing and visualizing 3D data is not only convenient with these combined and innovative technologies, it also adds real to any demanding GIS workflow. For this reason, Schneider Digital has now officially certified TerraStereo for 3D-stereo visualization with its 3D PluraView monitors.

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