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The Love of a Soldier Performed by: Aireal Lopez

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You want to know the real me.. everyone always wants the fresh inside of what every music artist is or what they do on a Dailey basis.. So here goes nothing..

My name is Aireal Lopez I am from a small town in Walton County Florida where it is pretty much 40 mins from all the beaches where I live.. I love where I'm from its peaceful and I live in my home town city where I grew up. Never in a million years would I ever feel so accomplish being at the age of 28.. Well it wasn't easy...

All my life I pretty much grew up in a home that whatever my mother said was always right..

Well that is never the case. Some mothers can never be right or in this case never really know how to be a mom.. Yes I love my mom I always will.. Was she a bad mom? No... Was she ever around as I got older? Very little.. Unfortunately.. Not really much to say about my mom because when I get close to her she always pushes me away to the point where I am better off loving her from a distance.. Then there my Dad.. When I was growing up my family used to tell me I looked alike like him and every chance I got to spend time with him was a memory that I would always keep in my head forever.. Loving my dad has been the highlight of my life and he has always given me his advice about life situations whenever I felt like I needed it which was not that very often.. Now that I am older and wiser he tells me how much he is proud of me and that makes me feel good looking into my dads eyes and know that I accomplished allot at my age that not many people get to achieve..

Unfortunately all that happiness inside me stopped abruptly when I got a phone call from him saying "Babygirl I love you and I wanted to call you personally so you do not hear it from someone eles.. but daddy needs to have brain surgery because they found a mass on my brain.." As soon as he said that my world turned dark and grey and at that moment I lost all that he was saying to me and was just focusing on praying to GOD that he would pull through all this okay and make it out ALIVE..

After 10 hours of brain surgery he came out of it okay and it took him weeks before he could talk and then after those few weeks I gave him a call to check on him and I broke down in tears after I got off the phone because the dad I knew was not the dad I know.. He could not hardly talk and I could not understand most of the things he was telling me about.. I never gave up hope I kept praying and until this day I will continue to pray for my daddy and all the family and friends and strangers that are going through the same situation where they wish they can have just that one day all over again.. to spend that one day with the family and loved ones.. Keep them close tell them you love them all the time because that day could be you very last..

With All that being said I want everyone to know that I will be auditioning for the American Idol hoping for a chance to win the judges over with my artist ways and my angel voice.. I have worked so hard for this opportunity that I pray that this is God choice for me..

A Chance to shine
A Chance to share my voice
A Chance to make a difference in peoples lives
A Chance to express my true Artist Self
A Chance to believe in everything I have worked so HARD For

I fell in love with a Man who deeply loves me and has always put up with all my mistakes in my path and until this day he will continue to love me even if I feel that I do not deserve it.. We both have worked so hard as partners that he built our beautiful dream home and he left me take over the interior designing and I designed our house which we both to call HOME..

I have been a stay at home mom for 8 years straight raising my three kids with my sweet husband help. Sometimes my husband does not think I give him all the credit but truthfully I think I just give him a hard time period but come on ladies what would the world be like if they didn't have women like us to keep the men on there toes.

Now that my kids will all be going back to school come august I sit back and I think.. What am I going to do now since all my kids are going back to school? Well.. for starters I really don't wont to be inside this big house all by my self just cleaning everyday when I can be out there helping my husband make money for our family.. The thing is I want to make money doing what I love not doing something I'm good at but feel like I would get depressed with over time.. I mean I can do allot of things but the one special thing I love most in this world including my FAMILY is singing! Since I was a kid I have always loved to sing.. I remember when I was growing up my brother was banging on my door and saying "SIS!! Turn your Voice down I can Hear it!'' I would yell back at him all the time and it was funny.. Now since my brothers are older its crazy how they encouraged me to start singing when before they always just teased me.. well I guess what what brothers are for!

Being who I am today is what has made me become the true music Artist I want to become..

I have already written 5 songs already but have only released two songs so to all my family and fans!! Please keep believing in me and loving my music because without you i would not be the music song writer I am today! So keep Believing!!

Thank You all

Mermaidgirl :)


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