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The Trend to Devalue Work is at an All Time High: A New Book Looks into Anti-Work

GEORGE M. ALLIGER, Ph.D. has worked both in academia and as a consultant, helping organizations and workers to better understand the nature of the work they do. He is a fellow of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, an editor of The Handbook of Work Psychology, and author of over 60 peer-reviewed articles.

"Drawing from thinkers as varied and vital as Simone Weil and Frédéric Lordon, Karl Marx and Frederick Taylor, Buddhist sages and Hasidic masters, George Alliger has written an eloquent and insightful series of reflections on the culture of work. Not only does Alliger offer a compelling meditation on how we worked yesterday and how we work today, but also proposes, in clear and cogent language, how we might all, by a more human and humane approach, work better in the future." Prof. Robert Zaretsky, The Honors College, University of Houston

George Alliger
Consulting Work Psychologist
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