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Use EIN Presswire to Distribute Your Press Releases Because Your Competitors likely use Us. Find out why.

Your available press release distribution options have changed over the last few years. There is no need to stay with a single high priced press release service and an exclusive contract. The world of distribution is simply too big for that. Our clients think in terms of "footprints" of distribution because no one service will get you in front of everyone you need to reach.

EIN Presswire's distribution footprint reaches millions. And unlike our competitors, we combine a press release distribution service with media monitoring and RSS feeds that are used world-wide by journalists, professionals, and businesses - every day - and this means greater effectiveness for you.

Watch your releases or editorial content get picked up by Google News, Bing News, EIN Newsdesk, EIN Presswire partner sites, and WordPress publishers. We also distribute to Acquire Media, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, and many other services.

We do even more for you. EIN Presswire owns and maintains one of the world's leading media directories, World Media Directory, which is constantly updated with editorial contacts and journalists.

Give us a try. We are defining the "new" normal.

For only $399 - that's less than $35 each - you'll have 12 feature-rich press releases to distribute through EIN Presswire. Use them anytime during the next 12 months.

Reach out through the EIN Presswire distribution platform with feature-rich options and targeting.

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 Use them anytime during the next 12 months.

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