Folsom Prison Blues Performed by: Alison Wahl, Brian Berggoetz #Folk

  Artist bio: Brian Berggoetz is based in Tucson, Arizona. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and in...

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Music Review referred by One Submit - Cute Funeral by The Sleeping Cliffs #Rock


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Based in the sprawling Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, ‘The Sleeping Cliffs’ is a solo studio project from multi-instrumentalist Todd Glidewell. Combining elements of indie, post-rock, alternative, funk, jazz-fusion and ambient electronica, The Sleeping Cliffs produce emotive, cinematic, and instrumental songs. 

Though not boxed in by any one genre, the songs share an undertow of gritty bass lines, layers of fuzzy guitar, unexpected brass, and big rock drums. ‘Cute Funeral” is an unkempt instrumental amalgam of Electronic Rock, Left-field IDM and good old fashion Blues Rock. There’s hints of Ratatat, The Black Keys, and Jon Spencer reflected throughout the song, but its own voice loudly clamors through it’s rhythmic mix of funk bass, bar room pianos, Dixieland horns and fuzz drenched guitars. 

Systematic Paralysis by A Good Rogering Hard Rock Metal #HardRock #Metal #ASCAP Information Provided by Skunk Manhattan

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With the release of their debut album Long Overdue in 2010, A GOOD ROGERING unloaded their hard, heavy, and uninhibited brand of eclectic rock into the back-allies of the Live Music Capital of the World. Led by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Skunk Manhattan, the quartet-turned-trio released their follow-up album Lifeblood in 2013. 

With the departure of founding member and bassist Aric “Chef” Wright in 2015, the band took a brief hiatus until reforming as a quintet in 2016 and subsequently releasing This Is Death Metal in 2017. 

The acoustic-driven introspective “Out of Reach” was released in 2018 with the funk-inspired “Mr. Peanut” following in 2019. A new studio album Systematic Paralysis was slated for an early 2022 release. The first two songs, “Face Value” and title track “Systematic Paralysis”, were released as a combined single on 11/19/21.

Information Provided by Skunk Manhattan 

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