Hot Chocolate, Why Are You So Cold? #eBook #Kindle #Vella #PDF

    Author's Page for Yvonne Wilcox "I learned a lot about my Mother, I even learned why her friends nicknamed her  Hot Chocolate. ...

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Hot Chocolate, Why Are You So Cold? #eBook #Kindle #Vella #PDF

"I learned a lot about my Mother, I even learned why her friends nicknamed her Hot Chocolate. I listened to her story and I also know why her heart turned from Hot to Warm then to Cold based on the things she went through and the things she had to deal with. Betrayal, Kidnapping, Divorce and Homelessness."

Hot Chocolate is a Female who loves a good cup of Hot Chocolate 365 days a year, she loves it so much until people often compare her to a cup of Hot Chocolate that is not Hot anymore. She doesn't like to call it Hot Cocoa because she likes to think of it as Melted Milk Chocolate in a Cup.

Hot Chocolate is a nice person but because so many people has taken advantage of her kind heart, she is no longer a Hot Cup of Chocolate in fact she is not even a Warm Cup of Chocolate she is the coldest cup of Chocolate anyone has ever been around.

Hot Chocolate’s real name is Sandra Street, her Mother named her that because they were living on a street named Sandra Street. Hot Chocolate always wanted to ask her Mother why she named her Sandra Street just because that was the name of the street where they lived.

Hot Chocolate has two sons, Lee Davis is twenty-four years old, and one year old DeShawn Street. Hot Chocolate is forty-three years old, and she is trying to teach both her sons about life to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes she made.

A lot of things happened in her life, but the most recent downfall was the struggle she went through being a forty-two year old pregnant woman as everyone looked at her as being too old to have another child.

The story starts with her calling her twenty-four year old son and asking him to come over so she can talk to him about life, being in love, breaking up, friends, saving money and the value of credit.



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Meeski performed by Gusto Leimert #HipHop #Rap


Artist bio:

Enter the electrifying world of Gusto Leimert, a bona fide superstar rapper reigning supreme in California's vibrant music scene. With an unparalleled knack for crafting infectious melodies that penetrate the soul and lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, Gusto Leimert has solidified his status as a musical juggernaut.

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Special Olympics Swimmer Ashton Smith #Dallas #Texas


Ashton Smith is a Gold Medalist in Swimming in the arena of people with disabilities. She had the privilege of competing in the World Games, Dubai and in Seattle, at a National US Games. It is a unique honor, and she was truly blessed to have accomplished that feat, which is especially amazing since she is legally blind. Many things stuck out in her journey from hometown hero to homeless, world-class gold medalist despite having a limiting disability. Her road to greatness started when she was nine years old. As a "Differently Abled" person, she found herself being left out of events, overlooked, and under picked. To say it caused inner trauma would be putting it mild. She learned to cope by escaping into swimming, which can be a team sport or an individual one. She found herself at the YMCA in Waxahachie almost daily.

Once ASHTON SMITH discovered the water, she was naturally drawn to it. Once the staff at the YMCA saw that she loved to swim, they encouraged, empowered, and enabled her to train and blossom into that youth capable enough to capture a spot on the Special Olympics team. Most people have an erroneous perception of that organization. There are varying levels of competitiveness involved, and one of the underlying reasons for their existence is to assist athletes that are disadvantaged for any number of reasons.

Ashton Smith’s blindness afforded her the opportunity of competing as a swimmer for the organization. Ashton Smith told LHMPR Radio Podcast Host Yvonne Wilcox that she would like to move forward by monetizing her historic winnings and her completion from the Organization. Ashton went on to say that the restrictions and limitations that are in place make it almost impossible for an athlete to capitalize on their brand while still a member of that organization. However, now that she has severed ties with the organization, her plan is to make sure that she has a podcast show so that she ca speak freely about her experiences. Her second hope is to get her book that is already written and published on Amazon promoted more. She said that she is seeing her goals starting to happen right before her eyes (no pun intended).