Air Tonight Song ∙ Spoken Word Heather Christian, Phillip Collins My Life In Poetry Album #Amazon

  Heather Christian Heather Christian is a wordsmith whose poems are born out of adversity. Her writings tell the true story of her lif...

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Air Tonight Song ∙ Spoken Word Heather Christian, Phillip Collins My Life In Poetry Album #Amazon


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Heather Christian Heather Christian is a wordsmith whose poems are born out of adversity. Her writings tell the true story of her life and are guaranteed to make you stop and take notice of her unique style and personality. Love lost and found, marriage, divorce, rape, growing up in the ghetto, faith in GOD, spousal abuse, self esteem issues or living life with a disability, it doesn't matter, Heather covers it all and then some. After deciding to leave a ten-year marriage, Heather needed an outlet to release all the tension that she had pent up over the years. After reuniting with an old friend who ran the local poetry spot, she made her way to her first open mic where she found her gift and was exposed to another level of poetry, SLAM. 

Heather soon became a staple in the slam poetry arena and was in most cases the one to beat. She was a member of the 2003 and 2004 Sacramento Slam team who took the number 1 spot in the battle of the bay and number 4 in the West Coast Reagan's Championship. She has also competed on the National level with her team in St. Lewis. She has featured at many locations, The Black Box in Oakland, Jamaica House, Talk Back Tuesdays, Spirit and Truth Poetry, The Guild Theater and many other schools and churches. Heather and her 2004 team were also featured in a T.V. special on the arts in Sacramento on KVIE channel six. Laughter, tears, anger, joy, you will feel them all listening to this dynamic poet. She has no problem sharing her life with you. To some, she just Heather but to those who take time to listen to her message and apply the lessons learned, she's the TRUTH!

Nothing In This World

It's Raining Men - Don't You Lie from the You Belong Album by Gen Maldonado #ASCAP #SingerSongwriter #Pop #RnB #LEXINGTON #KY


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The spotlight shines on Gen Maldonado as she commands the stage with her energetic and victorious performances. New York soul singer leaves her audience overjoyed and full of life. Her show, which includes a tribute to the most popular Divas of all time, will captivate audiences worldwide.

At an early age, Gen was certain she would be a professional singer when she grew up. She learned to read music and was directing a church choir at the age of 14. She continued her musical studies in high school and university, studying musical theater and acting. She has performed in musical production shows and concerts all over New York City. She has also recorded original music and has been featured on several radio stations.

By the age of 21, Gen started working professionally in nightclubs, casinos, theaters and corporate fund raising events. She has also performed for Barbra Walters, ABC News and other celebrities. In October of 2008, Gen was chosen to perform at the World Famous APOLLO Theater in New York City. Her vocal ability landed her a spot in the finals. Although Gen's musical versatility gained her a little success, she decided it was time to excel and take her career to another level. She committed to a certain genre of music and began mastering the art of soul singing. Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner are few that have strongly influenced her musical taste. In 2010, she began her career as an entertainer on luxury cruise lines and it has become her dream come true. She is notorious for her passion and love for music, which is presented through each and every performance. Make no exception, Gen’s powerful vocals and uplifting personality will surely have a positive outcome every time

Why title the book "Hot Chocolate, Why Are You So Cold?"

You’re My Baby remix by Molly Chesna Davis #Rock


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Molly Chesna Davis is a musician with songs on Apple Music and iHeart. Her songs include "You're My Baby". 

Molly Chesna Davis is also a piano and voice teacher at: 

Music Makers of Western Springs

Stacey De & Company, School of Performing Arts

St Thomas More Catholic Church

Molly Chesna is a board member at GiGi's Playhouse, a down syndrome achievement center in Tinley Park, IL. She has been a member since her daughter, Mackenzie, was born in 2020. Molly lives in Orland Park with her husband, Nick, and their daughters, Parker and Mack. 

Cool Cat by Ed Harvest Rock / Funk / POP / Country Singer and Songwriter #Rock #Funk #Pop #Country #Singer #Songwriter San Francisco #BMI #SanFrancisco #CA


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Ed Harvest was born in San Juan Puerto Rico in 1998. He started playing saxophone at the age of four later on learning Guitar, Bass, Drums, flute and vocals throughout the years. He was raised in a house heavily influenced by classic rock music as well as typical puertorican music. So his influences in his writing are mostly from artists like Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and many bands of that era. From newer artists his biggest influence was Mac Miller.

“When he died I felt as if the world lost a big part of it. Made me want to write better music with respect to his talent.

Ed was always doing music. Most of his summers he went to Band Camp at Interlochen Center for the Arts and also participated in the Berklee 5 week at 14 years old. He won second place in the Berklee High School Jazz Festival Competition with his jazz quartet “Guess Who Jazz Quartet". In 2017, at age 19 he was awarded a scholarship to go to Berklee College of Music. He started his studies in Music Therapy in 2022.

Where it’s now
Ed Harvest graduated from Berklee College in 2021 and is now residing in California. Ed currently has 9 singles released and is working on his debut album.

“With music therapy I wish to help people get through life with music. Something that we take for granted since it’s such a common thing everyday. But when one gets to share vulnerability through music it is truly a much different experience.”

“With my music I wish to change many lives as well. That my point of view in situations can be of aid for thosewho may feel stuck in life.”

Side Out by REVEL 9 Hard Rock Band Long Island NY #HardRock #Rock #ASCAP #Independent #LongIsland #NY



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Somewhere between the catchy melodies of pop and the aggression of metal can be found the realm of today’s hard rock. REVEL 9  takes great care to blend the best from those two fan-heavy genres and, with that care, the band continues to deliver the hard-hitting, insightful and intense music that has solidified them as a staple in the Northeastern Hard Rock scene. Fans of bands like Chevelle, Deftones, Slipknot and A Perfect Circle really have a lot to find in REVEL 9. Their latest record, “Do Know Harm” is out now and is surpassing all previous streaming numbers for the band. It is not something to sleep on.

“I’m partial to Revel 9. They are by far my favorite local band… Actually they are my favorite band period.” – LIB Magazine

REVEL 9: Hard Rock / New York, USA
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