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No Broker Would Hire Me, And Everyone Laughed At My Idea. Now Over 1,000 Agents Join Realty Connect Every Year!

View Full Press Release This innovative business model allows Realty Connect agents an affordable way to keep their license Active for only $100 a year without MLS fees, Association dues & Realtor expenses. These items typically cost agents $2,000 a year. Jensen adds, “When I first started this company, everyone laughed at my idea. They never thought it would work. But we were able to prove the concept, and now more than 1,000 agents join Realty Connect each year!”. The average referral fee his agents earn is $3,200. Since they can refer in all 50 states, most agents make 2-3 referrals each year. Jensen states “Most people don’t know that over 70% of all real estate transactions in the U.S. are generated by referrals every year, so we’re just trying to own that space.”. And it’s working. Since launching in 2015, Jensen has expanded his company to 7 additional states (CO, CA, FL, GA, MD, NC & TX), making Realty Connect the largest independent real estate referral brokerage in th

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