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Retirement Can Be A Death Sentence For Some People #Retirement

You are about to read a short story about four people, the story is about three men and one woman who either made or almost made Retirement a Death Sentence. The characters in this story are 65-year-old Len, 68-year-old Fred, 79-year-old Mark, and 62-year-old Caroline, the one thing they all had in common was they were all retired, but they all lived life during retirement much differently. Len – 65 years old – Worked as a Network Technician Len is the first one I want to tell you about because he worked on a job for 32 years, now he is 65 and the company gave him an ultimatum, either resign with a special payout or get terminated,  because he is getting to the point where the job is too demanding as he do not finish his duties on a regular basis. Even though he couldn’t keep up he was still the first person at the office. He arrived every morning at 6am even though he was not supposed to be there until 8am.   He didn’t want to retire because he felt like working was his life,

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