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According to a study done by the University of Westminster and MusicTank of musicians, 68.5% of 2,211 said they have experienced depression, and 71.1% said they had experienced severe anxiety or panic attacks. These results show that musicians are 3 times more susceptible to depression than the average person.  Resource 


We are a professional organization of 850,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, founded and governed by its members, and the world leader in performance royalties, advocacy and service for music creators.

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Famous Musicians Who Committed Suicide
  1. Naomi Judd
  2. Kurt Cobain
  3. Chris Cornell
  4. Avicii
  5. Michael Hutchence
  6. Ian Curtis
  7. Elliott Smith
  8. Nick Drake
  9. Keith Flint
  10. Chester Bennington


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SONG ∙ SINGER/SONGWRITER ∙ 2021 One More Fairy Tale by Clayton John

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Clayton writes and sings music inspired by the best of 60's/70's pop as well as by the great old school songs he heard his mom playing while he was growing up in the Motor City.

Clayton’s music has been played on Jango Radio, The Warp Factor radio show, and at the New Music in the Gallery concert series in downtown Chicago. Clayton has twice performed on the Bay Stage at the Solano County Fair and has done a one-man show at Walnut Creek's Lesher Center for the Arts.

Highlights of his Instagram account include several handsome pictures of him wearing various colored shirts -- and sometimes none at all!

At one point you could find Clayton sitting behind the Steinway at Nordstrom, where he was a regular pianist for several years.

Clayton is a graduate of Stanford University with an A.B. in Music with a concentration in Composition.


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Author Erica Roberts

The Journey

The Journey is about a woman who grew up as a young girl in the project, both parents, and suffer with Asthma all her life. She experienced a lot of short comings in her life but one thing you will read in the book is she never gave up on herself. She experienced things like a man walking out her life, domestic violence, etc. but she always found a way to pick herself up and keep moving. She became this lady that know what she want out of life and she go for it.

Sister I Got Your Back

Sister I Got Your Back is about this young lady by the name of Danielle who grew up in New York with both parents. Danielle was in a relationship with a handsome guy by the name of Matthew. They were the perfect couple looking from the outside in. Matthew would buy Danielle things to show her that he loves her. Little things started happening in the relationship that started to show signs of Domestic Violence, but Danielle was in love. Matthew ask her to move to New Orleans for a fresh start to their relationship. Danielle said yes to the move to New Orleans. Once they moved to New Orleans, she met this young lady but the name of Jay. Jay and Danielle become friends that was very tight as time go on. Jay did every and anything for Danielle because she look at her as a sister and she want to protect her sister.


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2022 Country Song "Hard For Me To Say" by Allen Jaffe

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Born and raised in Colorado. Graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and lived in Boulder for most of my life. Now residing in Mazatlán, Mexico and enjoying the chill life.


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Christian Song So Good by Rico Dawson follow him on Twitter @Rico5012

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Musical Biography written by Rico Leandray Dawson

The musical journey of singer-songwriter Rico L. Dawson began in an improbable setting, the United States Army. While serving in the military, Rico became a member of the amateur R&B group, “Finesse.” As a founding member of this group, he not only performed but wrote the single “To Be With You.” His next foray into music provided formal training and experience. He left the army and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Industry Studies with a concentration in Music Business Administration at Elizabeth City State University.

Other musical pursuits include joining an additional group, “Next Episode.” During his tenure with this group of performers, he co-wrote the soulful “A Lonely Night: and co-wrote “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” The latter was recorded by “Next Episode” and featured on a CD compilation project, at his alma mater, entitled “Check the Resume: Vol. 1.”Later, he worked as an intern for Intersection Records, an independent record label. While there, he continued writing and composing. “Don’t Look No Further” is one of his best efforts during his tenure at the company.

Circumstances brought Dawson back to his home state. Upon returning to the Carolinas, Rico began working with a local producer, Lee Tate. This collaboration birthed the songs “Promises” and “Come Back to Me” Soon after, in 1998, he participated in a music seminar sponsored by WNAA-FM radio station. In December of that year, he showcased his demo for the Philadelphia Music Conference in Philadelphia, PA. After taking a year away from the music scene, he returned in the spring of 2000 to collaborate on a local compilation CD “Goldsboro 27530.” On that CD, he co-wrote and recorded three songs, “All I Want to Do,” “Do You Wanna Dance,” and “Turn Away.” These three songs were well received on the underground circuit.

In 2001, he co-wrote and sang background on the single “Take Our Time” on Richard Ashe’s debut independent CD, “Anticipation.” The single received positive feedback in the Durham, NC area. During that time, Rico began to teach music education in the Wayne County Public Schools. He wrote, produced, and arranged numerous original music selections for several schools from 2001 – 2004.

In 2004, Rico gave his life to Christ, thus putting him on a different path, musically. He no longer produced music for man’s glory, but for God’s glory. He began to put together gospel music selections, and with God’s help, he produced numerous contemporary gospel music selections. In 2006, Rico wrote and produced his debut contemporary gospel CD, “It’s Time.” Unfortunately, financial challenges prohibited the single from garnering commercial success. Dawson was delayed but not deterred. He used this respite to establish a stronger relationship with Christ. To that end, he has written, produced, and recorded several spiritual and reverent songs. Rico’s desire is that through his music that the body of Christ is edified, God is glorified, and the unbeliever is inspired to repent and turn to the Lord. He is currently a choir director at Springfield Middle School as well. While being assigned as a music educator, he has penned lyrics for a jazz composition performed by the De Sayles jazz band in 2015. Rico’s debut gospel album titled “Suppose To Be” was released in April 2021.


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2022 POP SONG Take Your Love by Moran Arad

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 “Take Your Love” is a song written and composed by Moran Arad, and produced by Gemini Muziq.  The song was released on May 12, 2022. It is the closing song for Moran’s pop album, “Pillow”.

 Moran Arad is a singer/songwriter from California who has started her music career overseas.  Moran is a jazz singer by training, but her repertoire covers a wide variety of music genres from Classic Rock to Pop and Country.  Moran performed as a lead singer at Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch, and is now working on her new album “Quiet at Last”.

Song Genre: Pop


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Sundays with the Toledo Show May 22 - July 31 Doors open at 8 PM. Show starts at 9:30PM there is a 2 drink minimum

As quoted by the Los Angeles Times, Toledo is "The coolest Cat working in Hollywood". Add to that, "Toledo has learned from the best and it shows in his performance," "The show is top notch and really must be experienced" and "...it's apparent where he is: establishing himself as one of the hottest acts in modern music." Toledo. Soul singer, Jazz man, poet, dancer, choreographer, connoisseur of haberdashery and probably one of the most dramatic and entertaining performers you will ever see. He's toured the majority of the United States, as well as Australia, and has yet to get anything but a rave review. His vocal stylings have been compared to Tom Waits, Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone and Barry White, while his music has been described as "avant jazz," "acid jazz," "gangsta jazz," "beat poetry," "funked-up spoken word" and probably the most descriptive "smokey-storyteller/laid-back Cab Calloway/Tom Waits killer R&B with jazzy rock 'n' roll dance grooves." Born and raised in Los Angeles, Toledo started dancing at the age of fifteen. He went on to work as a choreographer and dancer for recording artists including Janet Jackson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Paula Abdul, Diana Ross, The Pointer Sisters, Bonnie Raitt, The Mask, Al Green, The Isley Brothers, George Michael, Smokey Robinson, Toni Braxton and Kathy Sledge as well as Directors such as Antoine Fuqua, David Fincher, Dominick Scena, Thierry Mugler, Rupert Wanewright and Charles Whitenmier. His choreography of Us3's "Cantaloup" video earned him an MTV Video Award nomination. 

Toledo began what is now his music career in the then-underground poetry circuit of places like Max's Garage, ad-libbing with such Cats as Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Trulio Disgracious and Macy Gray. His delivery was intense. People filled the rooms and it wasn't long before his words took on a melodic life of their own which was a magnet for musicians whose twisted notes were the melodies of his soul. And women, like breaths of the past that only dance in high-heels, brought the stories that live in his head out into this choreographed madness that is The Toledo Show, the longest running, most talked about show in Los Angeles. Mixing speak-easy jazz, funky bass lines, horns and the smoky, soulful voice of Toledo, the standing-room-only crowds don't know whether to dance or just watch for fear of missing something. He's been referred to as "Cult Icon," "Urban Word Man," "Groove-Master," "the Underground King of LA," "dancer extraordinaire," "the modern day Sammy Davis, Jr." "One Cool Cat," "Cool to the Bone," "the Svengali of Sensuality," and "the best kept secret in the music business."

(310) 395-1676

Harvelle's Santa Monica

1432 4th Street

Santa Monica CA 90401


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One Submit - Submit Music for Review and Placement

Be Careful! The Big Bad Wolves of Spotify Playlists Are On The Loose

Don't wanna be scammed when promoting your music on Spotify playlists? Here’s how to identify a spotify playlisters “wolves”

Spotify is one of the biggest online platforms for streaming and promoting music in 2022.

Spotify currently has an astonishing 406m active users and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Spotify has created an amazing platform for indie artists to promote their music. Spotify’s success however, has led to the unfortunate establishment of Spotify playlist fraud and scams. 

From fake Spotify playlists to fake streams, there are many scams you should be aware of when using Spotify to promote your music. 

One of the most common acts of fraud is when Spotify playlist owners guarantee an artist a song placement on their playlist. The Spotify Playlist owner will either ask for a “donation” or simply ask for money. 

The reality is that you should never pay for a guaranteed placement on a playlist.

Every time someone will ask you for a payment to get onto a playlist, alarm bells in your head should start ringing.

It is very important to bear in mind that when you consider a potential offer from a Spotify playlist owner and the offer seems to look too good to be true, well then it most probably is.

Most of the information you will receive from these scammers is just a tactic they use to try and get you to give them your hard earned money.

Sometimes these offers can seem worthwhile especially if you can pay $50 to get yourself on a Spotify playlist with a large number of followers. This is unfortunately not the case, and is usually too good to be true.

So what can you look out for on Spotify to avoid getting scammed? 

Here are some pointers to help you identify a scam when trying to get your song on a Spotify playlist.

- A playlist that guarantees a placement in return for a payment.

- The contact email is usually easy to find and is written on the Spotify playlist description.

“To submit your song: Johndoe@gmail.com 

- Listen to the playlist and decide for yourself if it is a good playlist. If it is a good playlist with well produced songs in the same genre, then it might be a legitimate playlist. 

- If you want to know more about how to identify a fake Spotify playlist, check out our recent blog “6 Ways To Identify Fake Spotify Playlists.”

Another element you need to know is to never purchase streams or plays.

Streaming and click farms for example were created to specifically take advantage of streaming platforms like Spotify.

A click farm occurs when social media metrics such as likes and follows on a Spotify Playlist are artificially increased. A streaming farm however occurs when the number of listens/streams of a song artificially increases.

This can cause the Spotify algorithm to identify this dramatic increase as fraudulent and can lead to your song being deleted from Spotify. 

So how can I promote my music on Spotify without getting scammed?

Online submission platforms, like One Submit, provide indie artists with the opportunity to upload and send their songs to different Spotify playlists based on your music genre of their choice.

Once you have uploaded your song to One Submit, we will send your song to legitimate Spotify playlist owners.

The Spotify playlist owner will provide you a written review after they listen to your track and if they like your song, they will add it to their playlist. We monitor every curator, playlist, channel or blog, and make sure your song is reaching genuine and legitimate curators within your music genre.

Spotify playlists are clearly a great way to get your music heard. Once you have identified how scammers work, you will quickly be able to move on and be able to find genuine and safe ways to promote your music effectively and efficiently.

One Submit Wishes You Good Luck! 


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