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Author Erica Roberts

The Journey

The Journey is about a woman who grew up as a young girl in the project, both parents, and suffer with Asthma all her life. She experienced a lot of short comings in her life but one thing you will read in the book is she never gave up on herself. She experienced things like a man walking out her life, domestic violence, etc. but she always found a way to pick herself up and keep moving. She became this lady that know what she want out of life and she go for it.

Sister I Got Your Back

Sister I Got Your Back is about this young lady by the name of Danielle who grew up in New York with both parents. Danielle was in a relationship with a handsome guy by the name of Matthew. They were the perfect couple looking from the outside in. Matthew would buy Danielle things to show her that he loves her. Little things started happening in the relationship that started to show signs of Domestic Violence, but Danielle was in love. Matthew ask her to move to New Orleans for a fresh start to their relationship. Danielle said yes to the move to New Orleans. Once they moved to New Orleans, she met this young lady but the name of Jay. Jay and Danielle become friends that was very tight as time go on. Jay did every and anything for Danielle because she look at her as a sister and she want to protect her sister.


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