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I Know I Love You Performed by: Brian Berggoetz #Americana #Folk

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Brian Berggoetz is based in Tucson, Arizona. The group is led by singer and songwriter Brian Berggoetz. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and influences, such as pop and rock alike. Brian has been passionate about music throughout most of his life. He is a self-taught guitarist and a gifted songwriter who has been active since his early 20s. What makes his music unique is the fact that he doesn’t just write his own music, but he also has a penchant for re-writing classic songs in his personal style. While many cover song artists tend to reproduce the covers they interpret verbatim, B3 is very gifted when it comes to bringing a touch of personality and authenticity to the material that he performs. 

The artist is active as a performer, and he had the chance to play live extensively, including opening and sharing the stage for internationally respected acts, the likes of Reverend Horton Heat, Charlie Sexton, and Jerry Giddens, only to mention a few. Brian took the local music scene (and beyond) by storm with not one but two amazing bands. He uses these different line-ups to bring his sound to different dimensions. 

One of the groups is a straight-up, pure rock and roll affair, consisting of a lead guitarist, a drummer, and a bass player supporting Brian as a lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player. The second line-up allows Brian to experiment with a warmer, more laid-back sound, which features orchestral elements such as a violin and a cello. It is always interesting to hear Brian arrange some of his songs differently. Sometimes, he performs the same tracks with both line-ups, but he changes the song arrangement to fit the specific sounds the band has to offer depending on whether he is going to perform them with his rock lineup or with the classical band. The fact that he is so versatile and his songs fit such different contexts are incredibly remarkable, allowing people to enjoy different sides to his artist pathos and personality as a whole.

Much like a baker using the proper ratios and ingredients, he can expertly craft his music by knowing exactly how to blend all of these different influences into something that is quite special and personal. There is a time for melody, and there is a time for energy: Brian is able to endow his tracks with equal doses of these two important elements, and his sound is balanced and poignant because of that. His songs always stand out as a fantastic example of what it means to make pop-rock songs that are catchy yet extremely insightful and diverse.

The hard-hitting punch of this track speakers for itself, and if you enjoy the music of artists such as Bruce Springsteen, and John Cougar Mellencamp, only to mention a few. Currently, the band is also working on new music, with an upcoming album to be released very soon. If the material he’s been released thus far is any indication, audiences are certainly in for a very special treat. Brian, aided by his trusty bandmates and musical collaborators, is always eager to set the bar higher, creating music that the crowd can easily relate to. Whether you enjoy his songs at home or get a chance to see him on stage, the experience will undoubtedly leave a profound impression and a big mark.

Dementia by Hani Abadi #AlternativeRock #Rock #Petaluma


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Hani Abadi is a multi-talented artist renowned for his journey from the former Yugoslavia to Jordan and now California. He's a founding member and bassist of the Dark oriental metal band "Bilocate" and is set to make waves with his debut solo album, "Tiamat," offering a fusion of rock, alternative, oriental folk, and grunge influences. 

His music is an emotive experience that delves deep into the human psyche, evoking powerful emotions and shared narratives. With each note, Hani Abadi crafts a universal story that resonates with audiences worldwide. His solo endeavor is a testament to the power of music to connect people across borders, offering a profound and enchanting listening experience.

Late Bloomer by Late Cambrian #ASCAP #Rock #Pop #IndieRock #Brooklyn #NY #PsychedelicPop


Late Cambrian is:

John N Wlaysewski - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards.

Olive Hui - Vocals

Matthew Milligan - Bass Guitar

Eric Zeender - Guitar

Ben Weiss - Drums

We play melodic, neurotic Indie Pop/Rock

Love of My Life Performed by: Subbwell #Electronic


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About the Artist/Band

Subbwell (Alvar Seeberg) is an Estonia - based drum and bass artist/band.

Spring Sobriety Performed by: Luma Fade #Rock


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Artist bio:

Emerging from the shadows of a future yet to be, Luma Fade is an artistic odyssey into the world of post-apocalyptic dreampop. Blending ethereal electronic soundscapes with the haunting allure of a dystopian tomorrow, Luma Fade's music paints vivid pictures of a world reshaped by unknown cataclysms. Each track is a journey through hauntingly beautiful melodies, echoing the resilience and melancholy of a distant, altered reality. 

Luma Fade's sound is not just an auditory experience but a gateway to a dreamlike vision of what might be, marrying the surreal tranquility of dreampop with the stark, poignant imagery of a post-apocalyptic narrative. In this unique musical landscape, Luma Fade invites listeners to explore the depths of imagination and the echoes of a possible future.

One Day (Produced by InsaneBeatz) Performed by: Leif Riggs #Rap #HipHop Encinitas, CA


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I am a rapper from Encinitas, CA. When I am not working as an analyst in tech, I create music for myself and others to enjoy.

D-Pop by Kevin M Buck #HardRock #Pop #Rock #Metal #ASCAP #Lockport #IL #Illinois


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Guitarist Kevin M. Buck has released four albums and two books about guitar playing. 
Born the morning after Elvis died and hailing from Lyons, Illinois, Buck came here to give us music, videos, books and to play his part in the evolution of the guitar.  Buck began writing songs and playing music at 6 years old when he played violin for Washington School’s Orchestra.  When Buck turned 11 years old he started playing guitar, and by the age of 14 was performing in Reggae bands and in Rock bands throughout the Chicagoland area.  During his junior year in Lyons Township High School the teacher of the guitar class had Buck teach the class, as he was a much better player and teacher than the one available.  That started Bucks very successful music teaching career, which started at A Sound Post in La Grange, IL and then A Sound Education in Brookfield. In 2005 he started teaching out of his home studio in Lockport, IL.

Buck has played such legendary clubs as The Thirsty Whale, The Riviera, The House of Blues, Excalibur, The Bottom Line (NY) The Forge, The Arcada Theater, The Hobart Theater and The Vic Theater.  Buck has hosted jam nights/audition nights at different venues in Chicagoland as well over the years including Sidetracked and Manions in Lockport.  Buck has shared the stage with acclaimed artists such as Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen), Disturbed, Gary Hoey, Joe Stump, Paul Gilbert, Trouble and many others including Roger Daltry (The Who), who remarked that Kevin M. Buck is “one of the greatest guitarists ever.”  Leslie West of Mountain said, “This kid has a f^cking encyclopedia worth of sh!t in his mind.”  Steve Vai (Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Alcatrazz) stated, “I listened to a handful of your sound clips and was impressed with your technique on the instrument.  Sounds like you have great control. Jam on.”

In 1996 Buck formed The Blizzard of Ozz, the highly successful Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath tribute band.  Buck has received much praise for his work with The Blizzard of Ozz.  The Blizzard of Ozz continues to tour the country today. 

Buck won the 2003 Guitar Idol Competition sponsored by 97.9 WLUP-FM in Chicago.  His is Chicago’s reigning “Guitar Idol” and won a trip to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in New York to jam with Roger Daltrey, Ace Frehley and dozens more. 

In 2006, Uli Jon Roth awarded Buck a scholarship to attend Sky Academy in Los Angeles.  Buck played with and learned from Roth, who called Buck “a virtuoso,” and thinks Buck’s playing is “very good, very very good. . . some very inventive and creative stuff.” Buck has opened two sold out shows for Uli at Reggies in Chicago, IL.

Buck enjoys doing guitar clinics and has done many clinics at music stores and trade shows teaching people guitar tricks and his methods of guitar playing.  Buck was endorsed by Fender/Jackson guitars for several years and is currently endorsed by Morley Pedals.  Buck also gives private guitar lessons in person and online as well. Buck teaches all styles of music and truly enjoys making people better musicians.  Buck released the book Guitar in Theory and Practice. Guitar in Theory and Practice is designed to give guitar players a method to become better musicians by taking the most important ideas of music and presenting them in a simplistic way for guitar players.  Guitar in Theory and Practice is the first book containing a poster that relates astrological signs, pitches, colors, planets, gods, elements of life, masculine and feminine dualities, time, intervals, numbers, modes and chakras.

Kevin M. Buck’s first album, Initiation was released on October 11, 2003.  Initiation is an instrumental rock album and displays Buck’s creative and virtuosic guitar playing. Jason Becker (Cacophony, David Lee Roth) commented on Initiation saying, “I like the CD a lot. You’re the man.”  Buck has organized two benefit concerts for Jason Becker to help find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Euphoric Darkness was released October 11, 2007. Euphoric Darkness is a collection of heavy metal songs with unique and memorable vocals, riffs, and solos.  This second album features Buck’s songwriting and vocal abilities, along with his insane guitar talent.

Buck’s latest album, Musick for the New Aeon, was released April 20, 2012 by Osiris Records and Steve Vai’s Digital Nations record label.  It features Atma Anur on drums and Ferdy Doernburg on keyboards. Kevin M Buck was featured in the June 2012 edition of the Illinois Entertainer magazine.

Buck has also played many sold out shows with Battery, the national Metallica tribute act that opened shows for Metallica themselves on the Garage, Inc. tour. He also was in Blackened from 2015-2018.  In 2018 he formed Dyers Eve after being unhappy with the quality of his Metallica tribute band.  Dyers Eve has played every song on the first 5 albums, Dyers Eve played over 4 Metallica albums in one show, twice!)
In 2021 Buck released his fourth album "Classical Music for the Electric Guitar" which is 12 timeless Classical pieces arranged for Electric guitar.  He also released a book of the sheet music arrangements and tablature of the same name.

Kevin’s new single is entitled D-Pop a pop/rock song about depopulation. He will be releasing another full length album in 2024

Buck’s future plans include a guitar instructional website, more recording, arranging, writing, creating videos, doing clinics and touring. 

Info about Kevin can be found at www.kevinmbuck.com 

Kings of the Ruins by Andy Eringis #Rock #ASCAP #Chicago #IL


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Originally a classically-trained singer and pianist, singer/multi-instrumentalist Andy Eringis launched a career as a solo artist and producer in 2013 after decades of performing throughout the Chicago music scene in various rock, punk, metal, and alternative acts. 

The 2023 EP "Cinq" is his fifth solo release.

He is also actively a producer/writer/musician with the duo Jamie & Andy, as well as guest vocalist for the Los Angeles-based project Three Lefts and a Right.

Andy previously released three CDs during the late 1990s / early 2000s with his alt-rock group Plato’s Republic, appeared on multiple releases with the legendary Chicago punk ensemble Group of Individuals, and also worked with The Pranks, Calling Grace, 28IF, Violet Sin, King Mixer, Loveblast, and Garbage Bodies.

Wish on the Wild Side by Sometimes Julie #Rock #SanDiego #CA


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Sometimes Julie, one of San Diego’s most engaging and original rock bands, is the musical brainchild of singer/songwriter duo Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker.

Walker, former lead guitarist for Chicago’s Greeley, is a multi-instrumentalist who reveals his rock and roll genius as he defines Sometimes Julie’s unique sound. Sorenson paints the pictures, finds the words, tells the stories, and delivers the melodies with her powerful voice. Walker is the theory, the rhythm, the science, the skill, and Sorenson is the front woman who is all heart and art.

The duo first emerged in 2014 with their award-winning debut CD, Head First, which was followed up by Bright Side of the Line (2016), Breaking (2018), and Where Are You? (2020). Where Are You? received a San Diego Music Award nomination for Best Rock Album of the year.

Sometimes Julie is now thrilled to announce the release of their fifth and latest album, Seven Wishes. As with their four previous albums, the songs on Seven Wishes are steeped in Sometimes Julie’s rock roots. But pop, country, and blues territories are also explored.

While not a concept album per se, Seven Wishes does reveal a cohesive theme. Whether it is for love, healing, freedom, excitement, success, acceptance, or redemption, each of the seven songs is a visceral yearning – a wish. Feelings of overwhelming desire for something, attainable or otherwise, are intensely and universally relatable and displayed throughout the album.

Recorded at Pacific Beat Recording and BigRock Studios, the usual Sometimes Julie suspects appear on this latest effort (Monica Sorenson, Rick Walker, Anthony Sarain, Bruce Paul Allen, Dave Fuller, and frequent collaborator Andy Machin). Seven Wishes also includes some special guest contributors, including Laura Chavez (guitar), Roger Friend (percussion), Larry Grano (drums), and Clair Allison & Yvonne Fuller (backing vocals).

Also notable, Seven Wishes is the first Sometimes Julie album where Monica Sorenson is featured not only as lead vocalist but also as an instrumentalist. Monica learned to play piano during the pandemic, and she lends her new talent to a few of the new songs.

Sometimes Julie performs hard-driving rock with deep-seated pop, blues, and country influences. Raw yet refined, their sexy sound will stir up your passionate side!

Magazine Pages by The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band (TAFKAVince Band) #Rock #ASCAP #Chicago #IL referred by MusicSubmit


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The Artist Formally Known as Vince Band (or TAFKAVince Band for short) formed in 1996 and began playing out regularly upon the release of 2002's At Last CD. Other notable releases include 2007's Welcome To The Show, the 2011 vinyl release On Display, and the singles "NYC" and "Luck," which were released in 2014 and 2016, respectively.
TAFKAVince features Vince SanFilippo on vocals and guitar, Lauren Kurtz on vocals, Brian Chinino on drums, percussion and backing vocals, Chris Geisler on bass, percussion and backing vocals and Vee Sonnets on guitar, backing vocals and keys.
The band plays a heady mix of glam, punk, and rock n' roll and has built a reputation as a fierce live act who have graced stages at the Empty Bottle, Beat Kitchen, Liar's Club, Subterranean, Reggie's, The Hideout, and Double Door in their hometown of Chicago and have performed at the esteemed venues Berlin (NYC), Plain Dealer Pavilion (Cleveland) and Slash Run (Washington DC) while on tour.
TAFKAVince Band has opened for (and held their own against) Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks, The Fleshtones, The Undead featuring Bobby Steele of The Misfits, Hunx & His Punx, The Dollyrots, The Melismatics, Scott Lucas and The Married Men, Prima Donna and many other celebrated bands from the indie underground.
The Artist Formally Known as Vince Band will be releasing the six-track album A Problematic Opera, featuring guest performers Brian Smith, Joe Vitti, Yoko Schmadeke, and Maureen Grady, digitally and as a limited edition CD on Friday, May 26 with to a run of 200 10" vinyl records to follow. The album was produced by Tony SanFilippo & TAFKAVince Band, recorded and mixed by Tony SanFilippo at Oxide Lounge in Bloomington, IL, and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Album art and design is courtesy of Darrick Elia.

Twin Flame Performed by: JahRiffe #Reggae #WorldRootsReggae #Jamaican


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Meet JahRiffe

JahRiffe, a first-generation Jamaican, is a solo artist and the lead singer of the Jah-N-I Roots band. His eclectic background and lifestyle are what make up the type of music he creates which he calls: World Roots Reggae.

He grew up listening to the greats like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru, and Jimmy Cliff. Influenced at a young age by his stepfather who had a big Sound System called Supersonic in Queens, NY, he started his own Sound System called Poison Clan at the age of 13. “I ran the streets when I was young and rarely went to school; it was all about the music. Every day we went to Moody’s Records and New Looks Records and Jammies to get our new music. I drove my mother crazy with my craze for music.”

JahRiffe left New York when he was 17 and headed to Boston where he soon started his musical journey. Music became a healing comfort after his tumultuous teenage years. “Discovering Rastafari really changed my life. The book Blood Posse written by Robert Walker was basically the first book I read from beginning to end. It was about a young man who traveled here from Jamaica. Through these written words I was exposed to Rastafari and Spiritual Mysticism. I then started to write songs that created a positive change in the world.”

His first album came out in 2005 "Rastafari Love". This album gave the band and JahRiffe some popularity as the numbers climbed and they started to get more shows. The second album came out in 2013 titled "Check Your Timing" and lead to doing even more shows and festivals appearing with the likes of Kymani Marley, Mighty Diamonds, and many more.

In 2016 he had his major break out single, "Rasta Can't Fade" which propelled him to a status of sharing stages with the likes of Jah9, Kabaka Pyramid, Ibamar and more stars. The video for the single quickly amassed a 100k views in its first week on Reggaeville.com.

“In 2019, after opening for Jah 9, I connected with her bass player Jah D (David Goldfine). I flew to Florida, and we recorded my new album called “Reflections". It is about my journey, and at that time I was feeling a little defeated and was trying to get to know myself more. On this album I choose to discuss my journey… the things I have seen and felt: the break-ups, the make-ups and all the other ups and downs I had experienced through my work, being a father, musician, and Black businessman. The first single from the album is also titled ‘Reflection’.

My most recent single release was also produced by Jah D called ‘Were Groovin ’. Its message is that if you don’t go through struggles, you can’t find glory. “Struggle makes it right; if you don’t have a reason to stretch out your hand to God, you don’t do it.”

“Reggae is a genre based on a vibe, an aura, a frequency that transmits messages through our inner ear and being. A message that reminds us of who we are. Because of the struggles that I went through, I wanted to make music that helps others, especially the youth… to create music that helps others find the light in the darkness that they might find themselves in.”

JahRiffe is an energetic performer. His shows are like a musical divination. When he is done, the audience feels free and rejuvenated. He touches on healing points. He wants you to walk away with feelings that you carry with you.

His music can be found on SoundCloud and most other platforms.


The Clocks by Son of Janus #Alternative #Rock #Rockford #IL #Illinois


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Ryan Hayes is known in the music world as Son of Janus, a solo musical artist from Rockford, Illinois.  Ryan is known for writing songs with a thought provoking and at times, snarky lyrical style.  The music takes influences from the 80s and 90s Rock, such as Pink Floyd and Radiohead, that sometimes flirt with the Avant Garde. 

The lyrics are delivered by Ryan’s deep, theatrical, and unapologetic vocals, which have been compared to the likes of Peter Murphy and David Bowie.  For the most part, Ryan performs all of instrumentation himself, in his studio, that he likes to call The Gates of Janus.

Say That You Love Me by Phil Silva #Pop #Rock #BMI #Cumberland


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I am a singer songwriter with many years of experience.

Warrior by Becky Raisman #Pop #EDM #Dance #Pianist #Keyboard #ASCAP #MountPleasant #LGBT


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I'm an up and coming singer/songwriter I released an EP. Want to do a review or interview or review? I went to Columbia College Chicago class of 2007

I'm a singer and keyboard player and lesbian. I write lyrics I'm originally from the Chicagoland area Highland Park and Waukegan, I even recorded at Omnisound studios in Nashville and Charleston sound studios. I'm also a Columbia college Chicago alumni class of 2007. I studied with different voice teachers like Tamara Anderson, Jeffrey Morrow he was vocal producer for Empire, and Randy Buescher. I took lessons at School of Rock in Libertyville, IL for keyboard I first started out at Family piano company in Waukegan, Illinois then 2018 I moved to south Carolina and continued keyboard lessons at Lowcountry music lessons now I'm at Bach to Rock. I took an online music business class through Yellowbrick Music NYU Clive Davis Recorded Music Institute I've performed at open mics, competed in singing contests at bars and restaurants and online. 

I recorded at 4U Recording studios in Memphis in May and will be recording in October in Atlanta "Summertime Sugar is on Spotify, iTunes, TikTok played on digital radio, iHeart radio, cumulus. Recorded my 2nd EP Cruising at Audio Wave Recording and Solar Sound Studios. 


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Twicy is an Afrobeat and highlife Artist based in Accra Ghana. He has just released his first album called "Far Away" the new single from the album is "Live It Up" is all over the airwaves throughout Ghana. Look out for Twicy because he is coming!