The Power of Love by Melvin Leonard/Barbeque Hot Sauce Band #RnB #Soul

  Melvin Leonard hails from the colorful southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana. His grandfather, Walter Manaday, played drums for Louis ...

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Spring Sobriety Performed by: Luma Fade #Rock


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Artist bio:

Emerging from the shadows of a future yet to be, Luma Fade is an artistic odyssey into the world of post-apocalyptic dreampop. Blending ethereal electronic soundscapes with the haunting allure of a dystopian tomorrow, Luma Fade's music paints vivid pictures of a world reshaped by unknown cataclysms. Each track is a journey through hauntingly beautiful melodies, echoing the resilience and melancholy of a distant, altered reality. 

Luma Fade's sound is not just an auditory experience but a gateway to a dreamlike vision of what might be, marrying the surreal tranquility of dreampop with the stark, poignant imagery of a post-apocalyptic narrative. In this unique musical landscape, Luma Fade invites listeners to explore the depths of imagination and the echoes of a possible future.

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