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The Terrible Texan Is Staking A Claim In 2022 With Their Self-Titled Debut March 11th & Summer Tour - Genre - Alternative

After rapidly expanding the lineup of The Terrible Texan from the solo project started by Paul Nelson (Vocals/Guitar) in 2021 to include the powerhouse talents of Calvin Hardwick (Lead Guitar) and Avery Hardwick (Bass), the Houston-based Grunge band instantly proved to be a sonic force to be reckoned with. As they released their first savage cuts “Dew” and “Afghanistan” towards the end of the year, the raw & gritty sound of The Terrible Texan was revealed; and every moment they’ve spent together since, has kept them busy refining a set-list of songs stocked with mischief & mayhem unlike any you’ve heard.

From awe-inspiring instrumentation, to songwriting with serious substance, The Terrible Texan has left no stone unturned in their attention to the details, and spared no quarter with their hard-hitting sound to make the music they truly want to make into a debut album filled with Grunge second to none.

Launching their first full-scale headlining tour over this summer in support of their brand-new record, The Terrible Texan will be hitting everything from the most major hotspots, to the dankest dungeons on the road in California, Arizona, Nevada, and their home-state of Texas this year. Excited to bring their dynamically versatile sound and wicked spin on Alternative straight to the stages where it belongs – join The Terrible Texan in 2022 as they celebrate the most significant milestone & achievement of their band to-date, and surge throughout the nation thriving LIVE on their way to the very top spot of your playlists.

The Terrible Texan Online:
Main Site – https://theterribletexan.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheTerribleTexan
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/theterribletexan/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/theterribletex
Tik Tok – https://www.tiktok.com/@theterribletexan
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6hRP3ipm5K2T91hdS55PeR
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_IYEC63ipuPhEACdnMwZw

Paul Nelson
The Terrible Texan


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4 Wheel City Recognized at The Anthem Awards for Service to the Community Against Gun Violence (No More Wheelchairs Because of Guns!)

New York City’s 4 Wheel City works hard for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
This has caught the attention of The Inaugural Anthem Awards.

Ultra talented New York City-based hip-hop artists and motivational speakers 4 Wheel City announced today that it has been named “Best Local Awareness Program: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion” in the Inaugural Anthem Awards. The duo are best known for their stance against gun violence, something that has left both inspirational artists wheelchair bound.

Anthem Winners are selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Members include Daniel Dae Kim (actor, producer, and activist); Ashley Judd (Author, Actor, and Social Justice Humanitarian); Mitchell Baker (CEO and chairwoman, Mozilla); Lisa Sherman (president and CEO, Ad Council), Sarah Kate Ellis (president and CEO, GLAAD); Renata Erlikhman (chief investment officer, OW Management); Shayla Tait (director of philanthropy, The Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation); Russlynn Ali (CEO and co-founder, XQ Institute); Marc Ecko (chief commercial officer and board member, XQ Institute); Heidi Arthur (chief campaign development officer, Ad Council); and Alexis M. Herman (chair and chief executive officer, New Ventures, and former U.S. secretary of labor).

4 Wheel City use hip-hop music and culture in a rare and near unique way. The high energy team strives to create more opportunities for the disabled and to inspire people facing similar challenges to those that they have been able to overcome to not give up on life. Skilled rappers and entertainers 4 Wheel City also shows the world that people with disabilities can still display extreme talent and that they deserve to be treated as equals and respect for their ability. 4 Wheel City performs original music as well as motivational speak at hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, fundraisers, and events, all over the world. They often carry a positive and much needed message to youth, about the dangers of guns, gangs, and criminal lifestyles.

Winners of the inaugural Anthem Awards will be celebrated at the first annual Anthem Voices conference followed by a star-studded virtual Awards Show on Monday, February 28, 2022.

Learn more about the Anthem Awards at https://www.anthemawards.com.

For more information on 4 Wheel City be sure to visit http://4wheelcity.com.


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The Red Winter Journey is Coming, Another Novel By Paul Rushworth-Brown

“A dark and dramatic prose of family and war that brings the realism of history to your imagination with little effort…a great read…”

RED WINTER JOURNEY is a story that twists, turns and surprises until the very end. If you like, adventure and intrigue with a dash of spirited love, then you will be engrossed by this tale of a peasant family, living on the moors of Yorkshire, unexpectedly caught up in the ravages of the English Civil War in 1642. This novel is something different that people have been waiting for and will be loved by those interested in historical fiction with a twist.

Beautiful backdrops and compelling action will play out before you as you are transported back in time. You will laugh, you will cry and be in awe of the twists and turns. The writing is very descriptive, the hooks very bold and is told in a way that places the reader in the time and place. So, now turn the page and step back in time to follow the Rushworths on their journey of survival in this bittersweet saga.

US NATIONAL TIMES - Rushworth-Brown's novels have been described as ‘historically accurate’ and 'very real'. Red Winter Journey is an adventure tale solidly grounded in historical fact. The book will appeal to readers of historical fiction in the style of Ken Follett (Pillars of the Earth) and Noah Gordon (The Physician).

Paul has been a guest on the ABC, the BBC and America Tonight with Kate Delaney. He has also been a regular on the Witty Writers Show with Beth Worsdell.

"Isn't it just so great when you find one of those books that completely drags you in, makes you fall in love with the characters and demands that you immerse yourself in its realm? This is one of those books for me. And I must issue a serious content warning: this book describes how life was like on the moors in the 1700s with a highly descriptive nuance. Proceed with caution if you are particularly sensitive as its truths will shock." The US National Times

Bradley Shaw
Shawline Publishing
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Day Trading Secrets by Harvey Walsh - #Book #DayTrading #DayTrader

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Ever fancied making a living working just a few hours a day from the comfort of your own home? Day trading offers just such an opportunity, but beware: there are risks involved too.

In this quick-read, professional day trader Harvey Walsh offers essential advice for any trader and would-be trader. The book comprises two reports:

Bigger Winning Trades, More Often: Markets are complicated, but trading them can be, and should be, simple. Harvey explains that there are just three things you need to know if you want to make consistent profits from day trading.

Seven Deadly Sins of Trading: Having taught literally thousands of people, Harvey has seen first hand the mistakes that traders make. He’s identified seven of the most prevalent pitfalls, and now he’s sharing them with you, along with actions you can take to make sure you avoid them.

Whether you’re thinking of getting started in trading, or if you already trade, the advice in these reports will help you be a better, more profitable trader. It doesn’t matter if your chosen investments are stocks, equities, futures, options, or forex, the concepts covered apply equally to all markets.


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Reflections Performed by: The Emerald Hour from their EP Titled Embryon - #Rock

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The Emerald Hour is a power rock trio with progressive elements from Hyannis Massachusetts that formed in the summer of 2018. Their debut EP titled Embryon was recorded, mixed and mastered in just three six-hour sessions at Ghost Hit Recording. Embryon was released in the Summer of 2021. The EP is available on all major streaming services including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music. The Emerald Hour will be coming to a venue near you very soon. The Emerald Hour's national tour will kick off starting in July 2022 with a full-length album out in winter of 2023.


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SONG ∙ RnB - SOUL - 2022 - Wind Blows Performed by: b.c.Soul

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b.c.Soul is an eclectic songwriter and singer. Similar to the blends within his music, his influences also casts a wide net to include Usher, Maroon 5, Teddy Pendergrass, Eminem, Tonex, Diane Warren, Babyface, Dax, Nickelback, Mary J. Blige, Eric Benet, Bruno Mars, Anita Baker, and countless others.

He currently lives in Philly, but was born and raised in the DC area (DMV). There isn't an hour that passes where he isn't immersed in music and that can be seen through his songwriting technique. He hopes to expand his opportunities in writing songs for other artists.


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Area Code Domains is Helping Restaurants Increase Their Marketing Potential

"We enjoy helping clients and work with businesses of all sizes, as well as entrepreneurs. Owning an area code domain name is the foundation of our marketing strategy and it’s a low-risk investment."
R. Singer

Area Code Domains is working with restaurants to optimize their online presence, beginning with its location-based domain name strategy. Using methods with which the company has seen success across industries, Area Code Domains offers for sale domain names that match the business’s area code and the keywords of their services. 

For example, the area code for Boston is 617, a pizzeria owner in the area code would want to own the domain 617Pizza.com. Or a restaurateur in Las Vegas that focuses on serving BBQ, the domain name 702BBQ.com would be the best domain to own.

“We enjoy helping clients and work with businesses of all sizes, as well as entrepreneurs. Owning an area code domain name is the foundation of our marketing strategy and it’s a low-risk investment that has the potential to launch businesses into the next plateau of customer reach,” says Area Code Domains, Inc.’s founder R. Singer. “We recognize the magic of simple, direct marketing. Driving by a billboard or seeing a name on a sign, it can be hard to remember the nuances of the full business title or nine-digit phone number or a long web address. Especially when it comes to restaurants, where there are dozens per town, it’s important to make it easily discoverable.”

Area Code Domains matches the business with its keywords and area code to create a website landing page for potential customers to access with ease. “If a business has an existing website, it is no problem, any URL can automatically be redirect to any other full website. All that matters is that there’s a way to reach the business online that is easy for customers to remember and find.”

Beyond selling their cost-effective branding solutions, Area Code Domains is a source of insight and educational materials when it comes to advice for restaurants looking to expand their marketing and branding strategies. “Of course, at the foundation of any digital marketing campaign is establishing that reliable online hub through an effective and optimized landing page. Beyond that, it’s what the business makes of the platform—that’s the marketing and branding aspect.”

Area Code Domains advises restaurants to begin this strategy and plan by positioning themselves in the market and considering what sets them apart from competitors—is it the only source of a type of cuisine in the area, a special pricing bracket, or a distinct level of quality in each dish, for example. “Businesses have to determine what makes them special and relevant.”

“We then advise that restaurants develop a mission statement that they can adhere to in all of their marketing strategies—this means determining a target audience and demographic. It will serve as a reminder of why they are in business and what they stand for so that customers will understand the tone of the restaurant. Then, the visual aspects of the brand should follow suit, reinforcing the mission and providing a consistent message that makes customers associate the business with a certain look and feel.”

When working with clients, Area Code Domains emphasizes the importance of a catchy domain name and landing page in building a foundation for a strong restaurant marketing strategy.

To learn more about Area Code Domains, visit their website: https://AreaCodeDomains.com

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Area Code Domains, Inc.
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Survey Suggests Houston Residents Want Nature To Shape City's Future Growth

Houston, long seen as America’s oil capital, should be a place that integrates nature into its future development, a new CityAge survey of the city’s residents concludes.

Approximately three out of four Houston residents surveyed believe the city should embrace “biomimicry”, an emerging idea in urban design that builds natural ecosystems into building global cities.

CityAge Survey Findings:

• 83% percent of survey respondents are concerned about how Houston’s growth will impact the natural environment.
• 93% of survey respondents are concerned about the impact of flooding on the natural environment.
• 90% are concerned about resiliency to storms and extreme weather events.

“These findings highlight how residents of one of America’s fastest growing cities, and the epicenter of the country’s energy sector, would prefer strategies that allowed for coexistence with their natural surroundings,” added ted Marcovici“Houston residents want solutions to reduce air pollution, mitigate climate change and protect the natural environment. At CityAge, we call the idea The Natural City.”

Despite their concerns, 70% of respondents remain optimistic about Houston’s ability to restore natural habitat. The Natural City is one way city designers could do it. CityAge, Jacobs, and Biomimicry 3.8 are bringing together leaders from Houston and other American cities to further explore the idea at The Natural City digital event.

About CityAge Insights:
CityAge Insights is a division of CityAge: a platform that brings together a community of leaders who are building the future of our cities and planet. Through in-person, hybrid and digital events, along with original content, CityAge highlights the ideas, people and technologies solving some of society's biggest challenges and creating new opportunities. Established in Vancouver, BC, in 2012, CityAge curates networks of people who introduce big ideas and technologies, and make those ideas a reality by creating public interest and driving stakeholder engagement. For more information about our upcoming events and to see our original content, visit cityage.com.

Perry Schwartz
Frequency PR Inc.
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Coro Health, LLC Announces New Vice President of Spirituality

Coro Health has announced Hillary Geisler, MA, as Vice President of Spirituality.

Coro Health, the leading provider of therapeutic music and spiritual support in the healthcare industry, announced the hiring of Hillary Geisler, MA, as Vice President of Spirituality.

Hillary spent over two decades in the High Tech/Content Management industry, and the last 10 years in Spiritual Care as a spiritual director, awareness coach and leadership consultant.

Hillary will oversee CoroFaith, an inter-faith digital therapeutic streaming service providing individualized spiritual support continuity for people in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, long-term care, treatment centers and aging-in place communities. CoroFaith draws from a broad spectrum of faith and wisdom traditions (Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, General Spirituality, Jewish & Islam) to offer prayers, meditations, sacred texts, education, interactive spiritual exercises and more.

Many studies have linked spiritual care treatments to the improvement of mental health in patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and dementia. These individuals not only experience physical distress, but also emotional pain, including depression and anxiety, from coping with their illness and mortality. Spirituality tools and resources can alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and lower heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure, which is associated with a lower stress response in patients.

The COVID pandemic exacerbated the need for alternative spiritual resources to improve the physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of individuals suffering from acute and chronic illnesses. Healthcare workers and caregivers having access to digital resources such as CoroFaith can reduce the need for pharmaceutical agents for people under their care. This can result in fewer expenses for the hospital and community and gives the patient the ability to pursue a more natural course of health care.

Coro Health, a digital therapeutics company based in Austin, Texas and is the leading provider of therapeutic music and spiritual support within the healthcare industry. Serving over 5,000 locations, Coro Health is the industry leading therapeutic streaming service and has been clinically proven to reduce agitation and depression. For more information please download our whitepaper or visit www.corohealth.com. For a demonstration please email Hillary@corohealth.com.

“As a fellow seeker, I am very passionate about the influence of spirituality in providing meaning, purpose and belonging in every stage of life,” shared Geisler. “I feel like my background in technology, product development, marketing and spirituality all have culminated into this great opportunity to help shape CoroFaith. I hold great reverence for all faith and wisdom traditions and look forward to expanding a diverse and inclusive spiritual program with CoroFaith.”

Hillary has a BA in English from the University of Texas, Austin and an MA in Spiritual Formation from Seminary of the Southwest. She is the co-founder of the Institute for Soul-Centered Life and Leadership.

Debi Cost
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We Are One Festival Promo Code - Lineup Includes - LIL WAYNE and LUPE FIASCO #LILWAYNE #LUPEFIASCO

The We Are One Music Festival
The We Are One Festival Promo Code is "RSVP" and discount tickets are on sale for this music and art festival. The We are one Music Festival also known as the WAO music and art festival will be held May 14th, 2022, and May 15th, 2022 at the Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston Texas will feature performances from Lil Wayne. This Houston Music Festival is one of the top revenue grossing events in the Houston area and will bring a much-needed boost to the local economy by creating jobs and bringing in commerce to many local businesses still struggling to emerge from Covid-19 losses. This Event will also be using contactless cashless systems for festival-goers who prefer not to use cash or cards.

We Are one Music Festival Technology
New Cashless wristbands will be used known as Intellitix's. These wrist bands are Bank Certified cashless payment systems and provide secure, fast, payment for purchases inside and during the event.

We Are one Music Festival 2022 Tickets
Tickets and Passes for the We Are one Music Festival are available now. Use the We Are One 2022 Promo Code "RSVP" for discount music festival tickets. This WAO 2022 Promo Code will provide a discount and a Cashless Wristband to experience the new Intellitix technology.

WAO Music Festival Marketing
The We Are one Music Festival has teamed up with an Austin SEO Company to provide digital marketing support for the event and ticket sales. DIQ SEO is an Austin Texas bases Digital Marketing Agency that provides Website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO ), PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Digital marketing consulting.

We Are One Saturday Lineup

We Are One Festival Sunday Lineup

Where is the We Are one Music Festival location
The We Are one Music Festival location will be on May 14 - 15th 2022 at the Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston Texas at 1800 Allen Pkwy &, Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77019.

For Questions about We Are One Festival tickets and passes
Visit the Ticket self-help and support at http://weareone.lnk.to/stsupport for assistance.

We Are One Music Festival COVID-19 guidelines?
The WAO COVID-19 guidelines are in place to support the health & safety of all guests, artists, staff, and to ensure an enjoyable, worry-free environment, Our team is working with all local and state authorities on any necessary measures. All guests must submit valid proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-test prior to entry into the festival grounds.

Erik Avery
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