The Terrible Texan Is Staking A Claim In 2022 With Their Self-Titled Debut March 11th & Summer Tour - Genre - Alternative

After rapidly expanding the lineup of The Terrible Texan from the solo project started by Paul Nelson (Vocals/Guitar) in 2021 to include the powerhouse talents of Calvin Hardwick (Lead Guitar) and Avery Hardwick (Bass), the Houston-based Grunge band instantly proved to be a sonic force to be reckoned with. As they released their first savage cuts “Dew” and “Afghanistan” towards the end of the year, the raw & gritty sound of The Terrible Texan was revealed; and every moment they’ve spent together since, has kept them busy refining a set-list of songs stocked with mischief & mayhem unlike any you’ve heard.

From awe-inspiring instrumentation, to songwriting with serious substance, The Terrible Texan has left no stone unturned in their attention to the details, and spared no quarter with their hard-hitting sound to make the music they truly want to make into a debut album filled with Grunge second to none.

Launching their first full-scale headlining tour over this summer in support of their brand-new record, The Terrible Texan will be hitting everything from the most major hotspots, to the dankest dungeons on the road in California, Arizona, Nevada, and their home-state of Texas this year. Excited to bring their dynamically versatile sound and wicked spin on Alternative straight to the stages where it belongs – join The Terrible Texan in 2022 as they celebrate the most significant milestone & achievement of their band to-date, and surge throughout the nation thriving LIVE on their way to the very top spot of your playlists.

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