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The timeline for distributing a Press Release will depend on the type of News being shared publicly.

  • Events - Two weeks before the date of the event.
  • Company News - ASAP (As Soon As Possible), News gets old real fast and the older it gets, the less interest people will have in reading it.
  • Music and Music Videos - 1 to 3 months in advance of the actual release date.

My Independent Contracting Fee is $30 an hour there is a minimum of 4 hours for remote work, which is tracked by Hubstaff Software and Phone Call Logs.

If interested, you can pay via PayPal Me: 

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How To Submit Music To FM Stations as of 2022

How to get your music played on the radio - Know who to approach

Look on the station’s website or social media to get the contact details you need, or alternatively just give them a call and ask for the producer’s info (they may or may not give it to you - but it's worth a try!).

Some stations will only accept submissions from certain sources or in a specific format, so do some research to make sure you're doing things the right way before sending anything.

For example, BBC Introducing requires you to make an artist profile before you upload your tracks to their system. You can get started on how to submit music to BBC Introducing here!

Know how to submit your music

Have you found the contact details of the decision-makers at the stations you’re targeting, but there’s no clear information on how you can submit tracks?

How to get your music played on the radio - Send out an EPK or press release

Creating an electronic press kit, writing a music press release, or sending out one-sheet including links to 1-3 of your best tracks is the most common way to approach radio stations, as well as press publications and blogs. The key is to make your email or press pack stand out and grab their attention. Make sure your tracks are clearly named and don’t send out mp3 files. Instead include links to your songs.

Some people prefer to send or receive physical copies of their music to radio stations, but this is becoming less and less prevalent. Generally, DJs and stations receive the majority of their submissions and demos in digital format.

Target the right stations

Don’t expect to get your track played on a huge national station right away. Radio airplay is incredibly competitive, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other artists out there in the same position as you. Ditto Music

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