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Survey Suggests Houston Residents Want Nature To Shape City's Future Growth

Houston, long seen as America’s oil capital, should be a place that integrates nature into its future development, a new CityAge survey of the city’s residents concludes.

Approximately three out of four Houston residents surveyed believe the city should embrace “biomimicry”, an emerging idea in urban design that builds natural ecosystems into building global cities.

CityAge Survey Findings:

• 83% percent of survey respondents are concerned about how Houston’s growth will impact the natural environment.
• 93% of survey respondents are concerned about the impact of flooding on the natural environment.
• 90% are concerned about resiliency to storms and extreme weather events.

“These findings highlight how residents of one of America’s fastest growing cities, and the epicenter of the country’s energy sector, would prefer strategies that allowed for coexistence with their natural surroundings,” added ted Marcovici“Houston residents want solutions to reduce air pollution, mitigate climate change and protect the natural environment. At CityAge, we call the idea The Natural City.”

Despite their concerns, 70% of respondents remain optimistic about Houston’s ability to restore natural habitat. The Natural City is one way city designers could do it. CityAge, Jacobs, and Biomimicry 3.8 are bringing together leaders from Houston and other American cities to further explore the idea at The Natural City digital event.

About CityAge Insights:
CityAge Insights is a division of CityAge: a platform that brings together a community of leaders who are building the future of our cities and planet. Through in-person, hybrid and digital events, along with original content, CityAge highlights the ideas, people and technologies solving some of society's biggest challenges and creating new opportunities. Established in Vancouver, BC, in 2012, CityAge curates networks of people who introduce big ideas and technologies, and make those ideas a reality by creating public interest and driving stakeholder engagement. For more information about our upcoming events and to see our original content, visit cityage.com.

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