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Be Careful! The Big Bad Wolves of Spotify Playlists Are On The Loose

Don't wanna be scammed when promoting your music on Spotify playlists? Here’s how to identify a spotify playlisters “wolves”

Spotify is one of the biggest online platforms for streaming and promoting music in 2022.

Spotify currently has an astonishing 406m active users and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Spotify has created an amazing platform for indie artists to promote their music. Spotify’s success however, has led to the unfortunate establishment of Spotify playlist fraud and scams. 

From fake Spotify playlists to fake streams, there are many scams you should be aware of when using Spotify to promote your music. 

One of the most common acts of fraud is when Spotify playlist owners guarantee an artist a song placement on their playlist. The Spotify Playlist owner will either ask for a “donation” or simply ask for money. 

The reality is that you should never pay for a guaranteed placement on a playlist.

Every time someone will ask you for a payment to get onto a playlist, alarm bells in your head should start ringing.

It is very important to bear in mind that when you consider a potential offer from a Spotify playlist owner and the offer seems to look too good to be true, well then it most probably is.

Most of the information you will receive from these scammers is just a tactic they use to try and get you to give them your hard earned money.

Sometimes these offers can seem worthwhile especially if you can pay $50 to get yourself on a Spotify playlist with a large number of followers. This is unfortunately not the case, and is usually too good to be true.

So what can you look out for on Spotify to avoid getting scammed? 

Here are some pointers to help you identify a scam when trying to get your song on a Spotify playlist.

- A playlist that guarantees a placement in return for a payment.

- The contact email is usually easy to find and is written on the Spotify playlist description.

“To submit your song: Johndoe@gmail.com 

- Listen to the playlist and decide for yourself if it is a good playlist. If it is a good playlist with well produced songs in the same genre, then it might be a legitimate playlist. 

- If you want to know more about how to identify a fake Spotify playlist, check out our recent blog “6 Ways To Identify Fake Spotify Playlists.”

Another element you need to know is to never purchase streams or plays.

Streaming and click farms for example were created to specifically take advantage of streaming platforms like Spotify.

A click farm occurs when social media metrics such as likes and follows on a Spotify Playlist are artificially increased. A streaming farm however occurs when the number of listens/streams of a song artificially increases.

This can cause the Spotify algorithm to identify this dramatic increase as fraudulent and can lead to your song being deleted from Spotify. 

So how can I promote my music on Spotify without getting scammed?

Online submission platforms, like One Submit, provide indie artists with the opportunity to upload and send their songs to different Spotify playlists based on your music genre of their choice.

Once you have uploaded your song to One Submit, we will send your song to legitimate Spotify playlist owners.

The Spotify playlist owner will provide you a written review after they listen to your track and if they like your song, they will add it to their playlist. We monitor every curator, playlist, channel or blog, and make sure your song is reaching genuine and legitimate curators within your music genre.

Spotify playlists are clearly a great way to get your music heard. Once you have identified how scammers work, you will quickly be able to move on and be able to find genuine and safe ways to promote your music effectively and efficiently.

One Submit Wishes You Good Luck! 


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