Old Arthur’s Barbecue Sauce: More than 160 Years in the Making

"We’re thrilled that my great-great grandfather’s recipes can now be enjoyed by so many." Eudell Watts IV

While Old Arthur’s has earned recognition in central Illinois and Chicago, Watts IV—who teaches grilling classes —has begun to share his family legacy with the wider world. Old Arthur sauces and rubs are available at www.OldArthurs.com, Mariano's supermarkets and on Amazon.

Old Arthur Products
BBQ Sauces
Kewanee Red BBQ Sauce, Original – Rich and tangy, for meats, poultry and fish.
Kewanee Red BBQ Sauce, Hot & Spicy – Bold and tasty, with extra kick.

Dry Rubs
Bootleg Rub – With bourbon, brown sugar and coffee, for steaks and chops.
Crossroads Rub – A complex, seasoned salt with heat, for meats and more.
Gold Dust Rub – Adds fire-roasted flavor to meats and grilled veggies. Sugar free.
Smokestack BBQ Rub – Lends sweet, smoky, K.C. BBQ flavor to meats and poultry.
Righteous Poultry Rub – With hickory, spices and classic poultry herbs.
Stockyard Steak – Brings out the best in steak, burger and brisket.

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