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Midnight in Glimmerspell: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (Hot Flash Homicides Book 4) by Addison Moore #Author

Guess who’s engaged to a vampire?


Guess who found the body of a full-fledged human at her own engagement party?

Also me.

Not only that, but something goes terribly wrong at the taping of our latest segment of Murder, Mayhem, and Baking. And If that wasn’t bad enough, Elliot was kicked off the investigation for having threatened the deceased. And do you know where that threat landed the handsome detective? At the top of the suspect list.

As fate would have it, not only is Elliot’s career on the line, but so are our budding nuptials.

Why, you ask?

Let’s just say someone has come up with an ingenious way to stop a certain wicked vampire coven from taking over the world—and I’m not liking the end result.

Is it really a bad thing to root for wickedness? Because that’s exactly what my heart has me doing.

Glimmerspell is rumored to be home to vampires, werewolves, and fae—and every last rumor happens to be true.

Who said midlife was boring?
Midlife in Glimmerspell can be a real killer.

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Oluwa Domin8 has a New EP Album Coming Soon But of Course You Already Know That #InOrNot #Afrobeats @Oluwa_Domin8 #Shaga

Born Frank Tochukwu Anyaoha, has always loved and been around music. Frank Tochukwu aka Oluwa Domin8, like every other Artist had humble beginnings as a chorister in church at the age of 15, Oluwa Domin8 started playing musical instruments like the guitar and keyboard at 17.

He hooked up with ace producer and hit maker Samklef in 2011 and became the latter’s sound engineer. By 2012, Oluwa  Domin8 recorded Wizkid first hit single which was produced by Samkelf, Oluwa Domin8 has worked with a vast array of producers and musicians, ranging from Ex-O and Phenom of Knighthouse, to Curte Browne (Unilags Finest), Emmsong, Magneto, Yung6ix, Skales, Dammy Krane, Yung L, Overdose, Jaywon, DJ Tony Blaze, NPZ, Steaze, Dubi (Da' Pulse) and Ric Hassani just to mention a few.

Oluwa Domin8, being a fine singer himself and not resting his oars on production alone, Oluwa Domin8 released a couple of singles which really attained massive airplay on radios and became favorites to club DJ’s. Records to his credits include Ep Album "STILL HERE" 

My first EP album "Still Here" received over 7,000 plays on all music platforms! Thank you guys! I'm very grateful!

What is the real deal with Credit Cards? First you do not have enough Credit to get a Credit Card, then you get one and use it then your Credit Score drops.

Credit Card Concepts by Sam Ghosh

The biggest reason for making Credit Card mistakes and ending up with bad credit is the lack of knowledge about Credit Card including the fees and charges. Imprudent use of Credit Cards can have serious long term impact on our financial. With this book, we are trying to present the different facets of Credit Card ownership.

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How to Write a Book: An 11-Step Process to Build Habits, Stop Procrastinating, Fuel Self-Motivation, Quiet Your Inner Critic, Bust Through Writer's Block, & Let Your Creative Juices Flow (Short Read) Kindle Edition - Recommended by Adonis Wilcox

Best-selling non-fiction author David Kadavy shares his simple process for writing a book. Build confidence, ditch your inner critic, and finally write your book with simple habits you can start today.
You can read this short read (~7,000 words) in about 30 minutes, so it won't get in the way of the one thing standing between you and your book: Action!
Download today and make the book you've dreamed of a reality.

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Nicole Ferreira Announces New #POP EP "It's Always Been You" The EP will be available everywhere September 17, 2022

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The Australian pop phenom’s latest collection showcases the talents that have endeared her to audiences across the country.

Since entering the public consciousness as a performer on Australia’s The Voice, Nicole has proven herself to be a performer of rare emotional depth. Her heartfelt songs have clearly struck a chord with modern audiences. Her newest EP is the sound of a young woman discovering herself and taking her listeners along for the journey.

Lead single ‘It’s Always Been You’ is available for download now. With its diary like lyrics and evocative vocals, this track will be a favorite for existing fans while providing the perfect entry point for new ones. Nicole has been steadily evolving as a songwriter for years, and ‘It’s Always Been You’ is the most compelling track of her still young career.

Each song on the EP reveals a different side of Nicole’s artistry. Whether she is performing a tear-jerking ballad or a party anthem, each track takes on a life of its own. With an upcoming national tour and several more releases to follow, Nicole is on the brink of a major international breakthrough. 

TikTok/IG: @nicoleferreiramusic

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The Interview Zone

I learned a lot about my Mother, I even learned why her friends nicknamed her Hot Chocolate. I listened to her story and I also know why her heart turned from Hot to Warm then to Cold based on the things she went through and the things she had to deal with. Betrayal, Kidnapping, Divorce and Homelessness.

Hot Chocolate is a Female who loves a good cup of Hot Chocolate 365 days a year, she loves it so much until people often compare her to a cup of Hot Chocolate that is not Hot anymore. She doesn't like to call it Hot Cocoa because she likes to think of it as Melted Milk Chocolate in a Cup.

Hot Chocolate is a nice person but because so many people has taken advantage of her kind heart, she is no longer a Hot Cup of Chocolate in fact she is not even a Warm Cup of Chocolate she is the coldest cup of Chocolate anyone has ever been around.

Hot Chocolate’s real name is Sandra Street, her Mother named her that because they were living on a street named Sandra Street. Hot Chocolate always wanted to ask her Mother why she named her Sandra Street just because that was the name of the street where they lived.

Hot Chocolate has two sons, Lee Davis is twenty-four years old, and one year old DeShawn Street. Hot Chocolate is forty-three years old, and she is trying to teach both her sons about life to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes she made.

A lot of things happened in her life, but the most recent downfall was the struggle she went through being a forty-two year old pregnant woman as everyone looked at her as being too old to have another child.

The story starts with her calling her twenty-four year old son and asking him to come over so she can talk to him about life, being in love, breaking up, friends, saving money and the value of credit.

Books - Hot Chocolate, Why Are You So Cold?

Your Author Business Plan: Take Your Author Career To The Next Level (Books for Writers Book 12) #eBook #Audiobook #Hardcover #Paperback

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You are an author. You turn ideas into reality in the shape of a book. 

You turn the thoughts in your head into valuable intellectual property assets. You understand how powerful the written word can be. Now it's time to use your words to create a business plan to take your writing career to the next level — whatever that means for your situation.

I'm Joanna Penn and I've been a full-time author-entrepreneur for almost a decade. In this book, I’ll guide you through the process of creating a business plan that will help you achieve your creative and financial goals.

It’s relevant for fiction and non-fiction authors, as well as those who want to include other products, services, and income streams. It’s also applicable whether you’re just starting out or if you already have a mature author business. A plan helps at any stage of the journey.

Part 1 covers your business summary and author brand, taking you through the process of deciding the overall direction for what you want to achieve and who you want to serve. Part 2 goes into the production process around your writing, publishing and licensing, products and services. Part 3 covers your marketing strategy and author eco-system. Part 4 goes into the financial side of your business, from mindset to revenue and costs, as well as paying yourself now and into the future.

The final chapter will give you a framework for simplifying your plan and turning it into achievable steps across a chosen timeline.

In each section, I give examples from my own business plan and there are questions for you to answer, templates, and resources that might help along the way, as well as example business plans for different kinds of authors.

There is also a Companion Workbook available in print with all the questions so you can write in that if you prefer. 

It's time to take your author career to the next level. Let's get started on your business plan.

Please note: This book doesn’t go into detail on how to do the specific topics, for example, how to self-publish a book, or how to do content marketing. I cover those topics in my other Books for Authors. 

If you already have my previous business book, Business for Authors, this is a rewritten and updated sub-set of that material, focusing on the specifics of a plan as opposed to everything involved in running a business. This book acts as a companion as well as a more recent update to my own author journey. It will help you bring it all together into a coherent plan that you can use to take your author business into the future. 

Books for Authors by Joanna Penn:

How to Write Non-Fiction
How to Market a Book
How to Make a Living with your Writing
Productivity for Authors
Successful Self-Publishing
Your Author Business Plan
The Successful Author Mindset
Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and Other Introverts
Audio for Authors: Audiobooks, Podcasting, and Voice Technologies
The Healthy Writer
Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur
Career Change

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Ganoderma Hot Chocolate Sold By Ganoderma Coffee Club #CoffeeClub #Coffee #HotChocolate #HotCocoa

How about a rich cup of our healthy hot chocolate or cocoa? We combine the great taste of our cocoa, sugar and non-dairy creamer with the healthy benefits of Ganoderma into a delicious drink that is a must have for kids and adults alike! Sure to be a winner in everyone’s house! Perfect for the any season!

Weight 2.75 lbs.
Dimensions 9 × 4.75 × 3.75 in
Expiration Date:
Nov 2022

Ganoderma Content:
1770 mg per sachet

Cocoa and Ganoderma Powder, Non Dairy Creamer (contains milk protein), raw cane sugar

Servings Size:
30 g per sachet

Servings Per Box:
30 sachets per box

Sugar Content:
10 g per sachet

Diamond Interest

Cafe Avarle Healthy Cocoa is the highest quality, best tasting healthy Cocoa available today.

Our Cafe Avarle Healthy Cocoa is made with high quality cocoa, non-dairy creamer, cane sugar, natural sweetener (Birch) Xylitol, Ganoderma lucidum mushroom extract. Containing less sugar than most competing brands, this lightly pre-sweetened and creamy rich Cocoa combination tastes delightful and offers a wonderful and sophisticated beverage any time of day.

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Bookish People by Susan Coll #eBook #Audiobook #Paperback

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A perfect storm of comedic proportions erupts in a DC bookstore over the course of one soggy summer week—narrated by two very different women and punctuated by political turmoil, a celestial event, and a perpetually broken vacuum cleaner.

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