Folsom Prison Blues Performed by: Alison Wahl, Brian Berggoetz #Folk

  Artist bio: Brian Berggoetz is based in Tucson, Arizona. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and in...

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Asking Heaven Questions Performed by: Ro Jordan #acoustic #chill #pop

Structuring profound, thought provoking lyrics, and innovative melodies, Jordan has single-handedly produced yet another triumphant acoustic single that showcases new depth to her stylistic vocals, defining her own original sound as a Producer and Artist.

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Silhouettes Performed by: Dina Layzis & Artem Tenkeli #SharePro #MusicReview #MusicResource #MusicPromotion #MusicMarketing #Playlist

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Dina and Artem’s journey began after stumbling upon each other through an Instagram ad Dina had launched. The early part of 2021 served as a turning point for both of them. Like many musicians, having experienced their lives turn upside down during the pandemic, they both were searching for ways to keep chasing their dreams in spite of all that was happening. 

A casual writing session over WhatsApp turned into an unexpected songwriting partnership that crosses continents and all odds. Their individual goals, dreams and journey so far have all come together as pieces of one puzzle. There is an innate musical understanding of one another that lays a great groundwork for the creation of something beautiful. 

In their music they bring melodies to life that push boundaries and break the mold. Instead of trying to fit into what exists they create music that goes deeper into the human mind and emotions. They color dark with light and light with dark and tap into the parts of us that are most human.

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Share to Music Professionals or Become a Music Reviewer #ReviewMusic #ShareMusic #HelpOthersFindMusic

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Design Your Own Customized Blue Stretch Chino Jeans #MakeYourOwnJeans #CustomizedJeans

Woven from a cotton-rich stretch fabrication, the stretchino jeans are the ideal off-duty style.

A Stylish must have,the blue chino jeans are sure to become an essential addition to your chino collection.

98% Cotton, 2% Lycra, Pre-washed, and Pre-shrunk.

Custom Made to your Style and Size.

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Directions Performed by: Stefano Pesapane #Smooth #Jazz, EDM #Chillwave

Genre-bending composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Stefano Pesapane is a seasoned performer and fixture of the contemporary music scene with over 30 years of experience. Combining elements of smooth jazz, EDM, and chillwave, Pesapane’s music is a world unto itself, taking listeners through a tapestry of sonic textures and moods with his depth of skill and creativity.

In early 2020, Pesapane signed with NYC label Bentley Records.

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Hot Chocolate, Why Are You So Cold? #eBook #Kindle #Vella #PDF

"I learned a lot about my Mother, I even learned why her friends nicknamed her Hot Chocolate. I listened to her story and I also know why her heart turned from Hot to Warm then to Cold based on the things she went through and the things she had to deal with. Betrayal, Kidnapping, Divorce and Homelessness."

Hot Chocolate is a Female who loves a good cup of Hot Chocolate 365 days a year, she loves it so much until people often compare her to a cup of Hot Chocolate that is not Hot anymore. She doesn't like to call it Hot Cocoa because she likes to think of it as Melted Milk Chocolate in a Cup.

Hot Chocolate is a nice person but because so many people has taken advantage of her kind heart, she is no longer a Hot Cup of Chocolate in fact she is not even a Warm Cup of Chocolate she is the coldest cup of Chocolate anyone has ever been around.

Hot Chocolate’s real name is Sandra Street, her Mother named her that because they were living on a street named Sandra Street. Hot Chocolate always wanted to ask her Mother why she named her Sandra Street just because that was the name of the street where they lived.

Hot Chocolate has two sons, Lee Davis is twenty-four years old, and one year old DeShawn Street. Hot Chocolate is forty-three years old, and she is trying to teach both her sons about life to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes she made.

A lot of things happened in her life, but the most recent downfall was the struggle she went through being a forty-two year old pregnant woman as everyone looked at her as being too old to have another child.

The story starts with her calling her twenty-four year old son and asking him to come over so she can talk to him about life, being in love, breaking up, friends, saving money and the value of credit.


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Torrens - La Gouache puis l'Atome #Instrumental

A new stage in the disenchantment of the world, where art loses its almost religious place, in favour of a greater maturity among the people the constant evolution of techniques, the desire to extract ourselves from our prehistoric clay is slowly transforming art into science; Emotion will no longer be part of our lives, of our senses. It is gradually being replaced by algorithms, which could think for us, make artistic and aesthetic choices for us; to perhaps one day be replaced by microsurgery, an adjustment of tastes, desires, passions at the level of synapses. Fera/Torrens


Dramatic instrumental that would be great in an suspense movie or even a movie about spies. This track is absolutely music supervisor ready. 

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